The Highly Anticipated Reopening of The Oberoi Lombok

The Oberoi Group has announced the highly anticipated re-opening of The Oberoi Lombok after comprehensive renovation. The hotel was expected to take two years but was completed three months ahead of schedule.

Restoration work at The Oberoi, Lombok is currently underway and we will reopen to welcome guests from 15th June, 2019.

There are tropical resorts and then there are tropical resorts. Oberoi Lombok forms an important part of the tourism heritage of Southeast Asia. It and its sister property, Oberoi Bali, were the first genuine five-star resorts to be built on their respective islands, with both properties designed by the esteemed though relatively unknown Australian architect Peter Muller. Muller, now in his early 90s, is an internationally-regarded pioneer of luxury resort design, or tropical modernism, as it’s been dubbed. The Bali property, built in 1978, provided a model for the lavish properties that eventually followed and that transformed the island, for good and bad, into a tourism sensation. The 50-room Oberoi Lombok followed the Oberoi Bali branch two decades later, with both resorts remaining largely unaltered from their original celebrated designs, aside from certain modernising touches to reflect the technological expectations of the modern traveller.

The Location

The resort, owned by the eponymous Indian-based Oberoi hotel group, is perfectly located in almost two hectares of immaculately landscaped and maintained grounds beside Medana Bay near Tanjung, on the north-west coast of Lombok. The resort is also conveniently close to the beach landing spots for the fast boat passenger service from Bali, while Lombok’s Bandar Udara Airport and its domestic and international connections is a two-hour or so drive down the island’s mostly spectacular western coastline.


The Space

Muller based his design of Oberoi Lombok, and its sister property on Bali, on traditional local building principles as well as ensuring the resort respected its splendid natural setting and local culture. Aside from the thatched-roofed villas and airy public spaces spread out across the resort compound, one of the property’s most attractive and dominant features is its infinity pool. It serves as a welcome guest facility and a tranquil aesthetic feature, soothingly reflecting the surrounding ocean waters and tropical vegetation.
The Verdict

Despite its vintage, Oberoi Lombok, like its counterpart on Bali, has somehow defied the odds, scarcely dating, and remaining relevant with its understated architecture and gorgeous setting. To stay here (and, you may choose, at its original Bali counterpart) is not just to stay at resort but to experience a veritable design classic that proves that ostentation is not the only way to be noticed in paradise.The sensitive architecture and extensive gardens, designed by Australian Peter Muller, should you pause to truly appreciate and interpret them, make for a memorable stay.

How to get there:

A 10-minute drive across the bay leads to a golf course at Kosaido. Lombok International Airport is a 1 hour, 45-minute drive away.

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