The Kul Kul Farm at Green School Bali

Hidden in the mountainous region of Bali’s Ubud, just a hop and a skip away from the Green School campus, a living, learning farm is sprouting from the ground up surrounded by bamboo architecture is Kul Kul Farm, a small organic farm providing a unique approach to environmental education.

The organic farm and education initiative sits along the river just next to The Green School — a rather famed, and luscious, international eco school with amazing bamboo architecture and a very innovative approach to education.

Why a farm? Tourism has become the main ‘crop’ of the local economy, and agriculture is taking a back seat into the future. But what is a future without good food? We all want to eat healthy, nutrient-rich food, but with increasingly dubious agricultural practices, growing our own vegetables is the best way to do this.

The farm is currently in its start-up phase and the Kul- Kul Team; Orin Hardy, Made Gojing and Maria Farrugia, are getting the land, courses and website ready and open to students, parents and visitors by March 2015. The Kul-Kul Farm also plans to provide food-garden implementation and revitalisation services, tools, seeds and all the things needed to get people started on growing their own nutritious food. At the moment it is already supplying the Green School Farm Stand with organic fruit and vegetables and hopes to increase the variety of local produce available at the school.


The Kul Kul Farm is an educational ecotourism enterprise located within 2 minutes of the Green School Campus. The farm is 81 ara (or about 2 acres) in total, located on the Agung river just upstream from Green Village. The farm is using permaculture practices to grow food and supply restaurants, individuals, Green Village and the Green School with fresh, organic produce.  It is currently offering residential courses and weekend workshops for adults in permaculture, home- gardening and sustainable living.

The Kul Kul Farm at Green School Bali is a sustainable farm, market garden and growing educational centre offering courses, weekend workshops and events in Bali in organic home- gardening, permaculture, farming, sustainable leadership and eco- living.

The Kul Kul Farm is providing educational opportunities and eco- experiences for people traveling to Bali, expats and Indonesians. Farm experiences are centred around the importance of growing food and regenerative living. Their ecological farm has become a platform where people learn practical skills in sustainability that they can easy be implemented in their own lives.

Skilled teachers from different parts of the world with expertise and experience in regenerative agriculture and environmental leadership will be joining us at the farm this summer.

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