New Look For Bumbu Bali in July 2020

Bumbu Bali Tanjung Restaurant & Cooking School have announced their plans for a comprehensive renovation of their facilities, earlier this year. After 23 years of operation it become overdue to renovate and bring back the spark into the beloved restaurant.

Following a 16-year extension of their land lease in Tanjung Benoa, Bali, the facility have decided to break new ground and expand their operations to include a range of facilities and an eye-catching new look.

Bumbu Bali intend to look to the future by celebrating the past; inspired by traditional Balinese architecture found in temples, museums and ancient structures across the island, the property will soon unveil a new design featuring classic décor made from locally sourced building materials.

The project is being led by the architect Walter Wagner and his team at Habitat, which has been tasked with creating a timeless Balinese look for Bumbu Bali. This includes old-fashioned high timber roofs and rustic red brick walls, along with many intricate wood carvings and curated artworks that will showcase Bali’s creativity.

During this period, the Bumbu Bali Restaurant & Cooking School will remain open, but will move its main operations to Rumah Bali, which is only 300 short metres away. In this temporary location, they will continue to serve the same menu and offer all the usual services. The team are confident that the temporary inconvenience of a change in location will be far outweighed by the ultimate benefit of the finished refurbishments to the main building.

First opened in 1997, Bumbu Bali Restaurant & Cooking School has become one of the leading Balinese restaurants in Bali. With multiple awards to its name, the restaurant is also recognised as the only authentic Balinese restaurant on the island. Combining cultural exploration with culinary education and environmental conservation, the property is the ideal place to get a taste of the real Bali.

Despite the currant uncertainty we will open the doors on July 2. There will be a smaller a la cart menu featuring many of Balis favourite dishes. All the above would not have been possible without the trust and support from the valued guests and friends not only from Bali but around the globe.

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