Komodo National Park access will be restricted to ‘registered’ members

The Provincial Government of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) will limit the number of tourist visits to Komodo Island each year because Komodo Island is a conservation area. The East Nusa Tenggara provincial administration will only allow 50,000 foreign and domestic visitors to Komodo National Park in West Manggarai regency, Flores, each year, in addition to requiring a membership to visit the world-renowned island.

The national park was a “super-premium” tourist destination where people could see the Komodo dragon, the largest reptile species, in its natural habitat.

This regulation is related to the arrangement of Komodo National Park (Taman Nasional Komodo or TNK) in West Manggarai Regency, with the NTT Provincial Government having received a concurrent policy to participate in managing the area.

Governor Laiskodat said that going forward, special tourist visits to Komodo Island will be limited and tourists entering the island must also be registered as members.

Komodo Island, he continued, is a premium tourist destination because visitors who come are treated to a rare sight – specifically observing the lives of Komodo dragons in the wild. “This is certainly very interesting and has very high selling points” he said.

Laiskodat added that Komodo Island is different from other islands in the Komodo National Park area, so it must remain natural with no constructed lodging or the like.

Governor Viktor added he wanted only floating hotels that have a capacity of 80-100 rooms within the Komodo National Park area.

Last year, the East Nusa Tenggara Tourism and Creative Economy Agency introduced the membership system, which is set to be implemented this year with the island entry pass priced at US$1,000 per year per person. Tourists without a membership card would be directed to nearby Rinca Island, which is also home to Komodo dragons.

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