Supporting handful Lists Of Curated Local Bali Businesses

In the face of the Coronavirus crisis, Bali has united to create some awesome community-loving concepts that deserve a shout-out. Quite a lot has happened since last month, and now most of us in Bali is following the government’s #stayathome suggestion in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Majority of hospitality and leisure-related establishments in the island; namely hotels and restaurants, has been closed for public, but thankfully, there are plenty of these places that still amazingly choose to be active; whether for F&B takeaway or engaging well-being workshop via their social media. To show our love and support, here we listed some of the local businesses. For those who are out there doing the same, we salute you as well, you are all amazing! Let’s #flattenthecurve together!

Go Vegan Bali 

@goveganbali has kickstarted an initiative to connect you with local growers. Each day, you can order fresh produce straight from the farmers in Bedugul, bridging the gap between growers and consumers with deliveries direct to your doorstep. Just one of the awesome initiatives amongst many.

Virtual Bootcamp by Empire Fit Club Bali

A boutique fitness facility with scenic location and high-quality equipment that provides the most unique fitness experience, Empire Fit Club Bali is a place that will get you in shape through specialized “Military Fitness Basic Training”. You can join their workout regime online via daily Live Virtual Bootcamps & Strength classes to maintain your #bodygoal during the idle #stayathome moment

Bali Disinfectant

Getting rid of all the bad viruses and establish cleanliness in your business place, Bali Disinfectant is a one-stop service you’ll need to ensure hygiene in your venue; from villa, restaurant / café, office, warehouse and accommodations alike. Using high quality concentrated substance, Bali Disinfectant dedicated staff will provide detail-oriented professional service with your health and safety in mind. 

Delivery Service and 1L Bottle of Iced Coffees by Arnold’s Coffee

A chic and comfy yellow-tinted coffee shop on the side of main Jalan Raya Semer, Arnold’s Coffee is a pleasant spot for your daytime caffeine break. They are currently open only for takeaway, so feel free to order your favorite coffee or all-day breakfast from home. They are currently launching bottled Iced Coffee #dirumahaja, which comes in enormous 1 liter size and two delightful variants for you to try.

Safe Breathe Fabric Filtered Mask

This amazing home product is the answer for your needs during this pandemic situation. 4 layered fabric filter mask; washable, 100% handmade from quality materials will ensure your safety on your (rare) outdoor occasion. It comes in a very aesthetic design as well, and affordable 

Refill-able Organic Hand Sanitizer & VCO by Coconut Cupboard

Hand Sanitizer has become a great commodity nowadays, and all for the right reason. Many people wouldn’t want to leave their home without this healthy liquid. Now, you can contribute more to the environment by bringing your empty bottle to Coconut Cupboard for a refill service. Selling organic well-being organic goodness from body lotion, candle, to cool handmade products, Coconut Cupboard invites their customers to show their affection to Mother Earth through real action. The refill station is available at their Canggu outlet, for both hand sanitizer and Virgin Coconut Oil alike, so stop by anytime you stroll around the area!

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