Alexa Private Cruises: Ultimate Romantic Adventure

Alexa is a very private affair. To be shared only with the one you truly love.

Life is never as amazing as when love fills our hearts. The special moments we create for our loved ones are life changing. When you can give a sunset as present, stay up all night under the southern stars, share a bottle of wine on the white sands of an uninhabited island, swim naked with the manta rays and make love all day long, disturbed only by the seagulls.

Alexa and Antares 2

True to ancient traditions of Phinisi boats in Indonesia ALEXA is the most luxurious Indonesian Charter Yacht. But most of all it is the manifestation of a dream. A dream of ultimate understated luxury, absolute privacy, free spirit of discovery, unique experiences and the best of any service you can think of.

A former cargo boat, which has been cruising the seas between the islands of Flores, Komodo, Raja Ampat, Sumbawa and Sulawesi, has been transformed into the most romantic sailing boat in Indonesia – one cabin only. Just for you and your loved one.

Alexa and Antares 3

Alexa, a 31 meter private cruise built just for two, is one of Asia’s most exclusive and personal vessels that explores the islands of eastern Indonesia. It offers the best in shipboard luxury and is docked in Flores, near Komodo National Park.

The Alexa boat has one private master suite with a king bed, en-suite bathroom and balcony. The suite is well appointed and beautifully finished with 270 degree wraparound windows affording ever-changing views of the area.


  • Specialising in seafood freshly caught from the surrounding area, the onboard chef painstakingly creates varied menus for the duration of your stay.
  • Due to the tailored nature of the itinerary, dinner can be enjoyed in a variety of locations including many a pristine beach under the stars.
  • The on-board bar is well stocked with some of the best beers, wines and spirits from around the world. These can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere at additional cost.

Alexa and Antares


Tailored individual itineraries around Komodo and Raja Ampat with a minimum of three nights.

Traditional lines adopted a modern pure look, aged teak wood is combined with stainless steel and tinted glass. The generous living spaces are filled with antique art and contemporary classics. Silk rugs and primitive sculpture from the islands of Indonesia, finest linens, crystal glasses – every detail is chosen with love.

Love is in every meal prepared by our Chef, every day trip planned by our Cruise Director, every smile of our crew and in the wind that fills our white sails.

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