Amed sunrise Hiking, Bali

Wake up early, pick your spot, and witness a spectacular Bali sunrise.

One of the more adventurous things to do during a trip to Bali is to go hiking the volcanoes. Even those tourists who normally believe that holidays are purely for relaxing are sure to surprise themselves with just how enjoyable this type of trip can be. There are hiking options to suit people of almost any ability so this is certainly something worth checking out.

 Amed - Hilltop shack early morning

Bali is part of the ring of fire. This is a horseshoe shaped area that stretches from New Zealand all the way to South America. It covers 400,000 KM (248,548 miles). Within this area lies 75% of the world’s volcanoes, and this is how it gets its name. Many of these volcanoes are now dormant but plenty of them are still very much alive with the most active area being Indonesia. The most active volcanoes are to be found on Java but visitors to Bali can also get up close to these fiery giants.

Bali, Indonesia, ‘Island of Gods’ is renowned for its spectacular and diverse natural scenery encompassing volcanic peaks, steeply terraced rice fields, vast sweeping tropical beaches, dense forests and lush gardens. It’s equally famed for its unique Hindu culture and plethora of exquisite visual and performing arts. Tucked in Bali’s remote northeast corner is Amed, a mountainous coastal region of tiny fishing villages set in crescent bays that are separated by rocky headlands and backed by pretty mountains whose ridge lines dip their toes into the gentle Bali Sea. Amed’s little-visited mountains are inhabited by local farmers and fisherman. Hidden in the hillsides are their thatch and stone houses, terraced fields, Hindu temples and pagodas, and secret watering holes. From the ridge lines, spectacular views of Bali’s north coast await visitors

 Amed Sunrise 1

Located in the eastern part of Bali, Amed is an idyllic place to watch the sunrise. Amed, situated on the eastern area of Bali, will give you the different sensation in spending Bali holiday from the chaos southern area. Amed refers to a long stretch beach embracing 7 villages which is still quiet. Don’t expect any night life there. Although there are some cafes providing cocktails till late but actually the life in Amed ends at 9.00. If you have ‘shopping’ in your list to do in Amed just forget it. Amed is a destination where you can enjoy the culture and the tranquility. So if there are some points regarding what to do in Amed, here is the best. The sun rises to the right of Aquaterrace, and is a magical experience.  A tip – if you drive a bit further over the hills from Aquaterrace, you will get an even clearer view.

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