Angklung, Traditional Musical Instrument

Angklung, these names may seem strange in your ears. Angklung is an Indonesian musical instrument consisting of two to four bamboo tubes suspended in a bamboo frame, bound with rattan cords. The tubes are carefully whittled and cut by a master craftsperson to produce certain notes when the bamboo frame is shaken or tapped. Each Angklung produces a single note or chord, so several players must collaborate in order to play melodies. Traditional Angklungs use the pentatonic scale, but in 1938 musician Daeng Soetigna introduced Angklungs using the diatonic scale; these are known as angklung padaeng.

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The Angklung is closely related to traditional customs, arts and cultural identity in Indonesia, played during ceremonies such as rice planting, harvest and circumcision. The special black bamboo for the Angklung is harvested during the two weeks a year when the cicadas sing, and is cut at least three segments above the ground, to ensure the root continues to propagate. Angklung education is transmitted orally from generation to generation, and increasingly in educational institutions. Because of the collaborative nature of Angklung music, playing promotes cooperation and mutual respect among the players, along with discipline, responsibility, concentration, development of imagination and memory, as well as artistic and musical feelings.


This success did not escape from the roles and activities that run continuously and hereditary committed by family descendants Udjo Ngalagena in Bandung West Java. Saung Mang Udjo.located on Jl. Padasuka 118, Bandung . It was founded in 1966 by Udjo Ngalagena and his wife UUM Sumiyati as art galleries, theaters, places of cultural education as well as the flagship attraction of West Java. In Saung Mang Udjo, there is a studio that teaches about the Sundanese culture itself, many children who are members of the studio Bandung to study Sundanese culture and performing arts.

This Saung is open to visitors from 15:30 hours until 17:30 pm, with the entrance fee of Rp 50,000, -. After paying the ticket, we’ll get a brochure / catalog that describes the show will be seen, a necklace with a pendant Angklung, and a bottle of soft drink. Attendance at SAMU (Saung Mang Udjo) is always a lot, and sometimes filled one auditorium. Most tourists are from abroad, including from Europe, America, or Australia.


Often also from Japan and Korea. The cultures which are displayed in a professional, will surely invite admiration. Saung Angklung Mang Udjo not only performs angklung shows and children dances but there is also a souvenir shop which provides many handmade goods. Moreover there are courses for children (school age) who wants to know how to make and how to play angklung.

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