Bali Beaches as TripAdvisor’s Top New Year Holiday Destinations in Asia Pacific

The enchanting Island of Bali never ceases to attract travelers from all over the globe to explore its countless wonders. Recently, the island was named among the most popular tourist destinations in the Asia Pacific by the largest global travel website, TripAdvisor,  for the End of the Year holiday period from 27th December 2014 to 4th January 2015.

Trip Advisor users in Southeast Asia in their search process activities in Trip Advisor sites, gives the reviews and opinions of visitors in the form of the ten most popular destinations for New Year celebrations.


This result is a Trip Advisor search, the world class travel websites, put two of tourist sites in Seminyak and Kuta as a popular tourist destination in recent years of the ten tourist sites in the Asia Pacific.

The survey was conducted by TripAdvisor to list the top 10 most popular holiday destinations in the Asia Pacific to celebrate the turn of the year. Indonesia, through the island of Bali, managed to place two destinations among the top 10 chosen by travelers in TripAdvisor’s Travel Forum.

The lively beach  of Seminyak  was placed 3rd on the list, while the legendary tourist beach of Kuta claimed  9th spot, although hotel rates in Kuta have increased up to 63% for  the new year’s holiday. Along with Australia, Indonesia managed to become the only two countries to have more than one destination in the top 10 most popular Year End  Holiday Destinations.

 Moreover, Bali gained the top spot for the most popular end of year holiday destinations for Indonesian domestic travelers. In another survey of Indonesian tourists, most of the popular destinations are located within the country except for Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur.

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Here is the complete list of TripAdvisor’s Most Popular New Year Destinations in the Asia Pacific

  1. Sydney (Australia)
  2. Singapore
  3. Seminyak, Bali (Indonesia)
  4. Hongkong (China)
  5. Taipeh (Taiwan)
  6. New York City (United States)
  7. Paris (France)
  8. Bangkok (Thailand)
  9. Kuta Beach, Bali (Indonesia)
  10. Melbourne (Australia)

Meanwhile, a survey was also conducted for domestic tourists in Indonesia on the most popular destinations to celebrate the turn of the year holidays. The island of Bali managed to place 4 destinations in the Top 10 list, with Kuta claiming the first spot. One respondent commented that the reason he chose Kuta wasbecause the beach truly presents an extraordinary ambience during the celebrations with endless fireworks and a variety of events.

The results obtained are the reviews and opinions of 315 million visitors each month on Trip Advisor tourist sites, from a variety of destinations in the world such as restaurants, hotels, including tourist attractions.

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