Bali Mepantigan Experience: Traditional Mud Games and Bali Mud Coffee

Mepantigan Mud Games

What makes Bali so special is that this island consistently maintains the authenticity embodied in its custom and tradition, including Bali Mepantigan. Mepantigan, meaning “to throw” in Balinese, is a unique form of martial arts in which the main objective is not self-defense, but rather to act as a medium to educate people about nature, empathy, and discipline.

It takes place in muddy rice fields that sprawl across the Ubud agricultural landscape. Sometimes the tradition is carried out on a soft sandy beach, but it is more frequently practiced in the mud, hence it is known fondly by many tourists as Balinese mud-wrestling. Of course, there is more to Mepantigan than just mud wrestling.

The game is likely fun, but it also has deep philosophy. Mepantigan represents a respect for “Dewi Sri” (goddess of rice in Balinese mythology). Therefore, Mepantigan perceives the harmony with nature for Balinese people. The host also prepares natural coconut oil soap for you to take a shower. Finally, enjoy delightful healty lunch or dinner at traditional bamboo house and sip the authentic Bali Mud Coffee. The host only uses natural ingredients and cooks it traditionally using firewood.

Bali Mud Coffee

Bali Mud Coffee is ROBUSTA coffee from Kemuning, Singaraja,  ARABICA from Ceningaan,  Kintamani, and LUWAK special coffee from palm civet.  All coffees have been processed by soaking all our coffees into the rice filed mud.  Fresh coffee powder ROBUSTA, ARABICA and Luwak are put inside a bamboo tube and buried in the rice field mud.

Base on believes and philosophy of Bali, with soaking it in the mud bringing us a blessing from “Ida Bhatari Sri”, the goddess of rice. Soaking the coffee powder for nine hours with a purpose to get a harmony with nine goddesses from the Balinese compass/Dewata Nawa Sangga.  After the mud process is done, the bamboo that has the coffee powder is taken out from the mud and then be burned with fire wood until the smell and good taste comes pass the nose, the smell of coffee that’s unique and authentic.

Names of Mud Coffee that is ready to enjoy:

1. Kopi Bengil: Mud Coffee powder that has been marinated in the mud, fragrant warm water, ginger and a piece of lemongrass stem. Served with Balinese snacks.

2. Kopi Bojog: Mud Coffee powder that has been marinated in the mud, fragrant warm water, milk shaker, ginger or cinnamon powder, and lemongrass stem. Served with fried banana.

3. Kopi Lubak: Luwak Coffee powder that has been marinated in the mud, fragrant warm water, stirred with lemongrass stick and served with Balinese snacks.

4. Kopi Jaran: Arabica Coffee powder that had been marinated in the mud, ice, milk shaker, and melted Balinese Sugar. Served with Balinese snacks.

Fun Fact about Luwak Coffee:

Luwak Coffee has a unique way of production. “Luwak” is a type of animal. In English: Palm Civet. These animals will eat the Arabica coffee beans and will digest these beans. While the digestion process occurs, the coffee beans in the Luwak’s belly processes the coffee beans to make Luwak Coffee.  It is a unique coffee production method. Luwak Coffee is known for its anti-oxidant properties, and can help prevent cell damage that is associated with Parkinson’s disease. The caffeine content in the Luwak Coffee can control inflammation in the brain, which is directly linked to Alzheimer’s.

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