Bali Spiritual Experience: Meet local shamans, healers & readers

Bali is affectionately known as the Island of the Gods and viewed as a spiritually charged destination for good reason. From its outstanding natural beauty alone, the majestic mountains and volcanos, breathless blue beaches, fragrant fauna, vibrant wholesome cuisine, hospitable locals, artisanal crafts, and so on, one can easily interact with divinity here.


Additionally with nearly 20,000 sacred sites, Bali is an island of temples. The Balinese people make daily prayers and offerings to the communal temples, as well as at personal altars in their family compounds, animating a continuous aura of holiness. Ceremonies are so customary that the remnants of the canang (offering trays made of leaves) often line the streets, filled with colorful flowers, used incense sticks, fruit, coins, etc. As a result, the ancient and mystical culture is all-pervasive.

Of course, there are other theories why the healing energy is so prevalent here – one of my favorite being that the island is sacred because it’s home to two major volcanoes. Mount Agung is said to represent the divine masculine, a manifestation of Shiva, and Mount Batur and Lake Batur the divine feminine. These two godly sites seem to proudly protect and serve as a connection to the spiritual realm.


The Balinese live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called sekala, and the unseen or psychic world, called niskala. In traditional Balinese healing, both of these elements are addressed in order to truly heal an ill patient.

Bali’s traditional healers, known as Balians, dukun or shamans, have been in the international spotlight since the book and movie Eat Pray Love became a worldwide sensation. These traditional healers play an important role in Bali’s culture by treating physical and mental illness, removing spells and channeling information from the ancestors.


This journey is an introduction to the deeper, spiritual and healing aspects of Bali, Discover a place where the people not only have a strong relationship to the land, each other and the divine, but giving thanks to the Divine is part of everyday life, and an acknowledgement of the seen and unseen exist side by side.

Have the opportunity to meet with healers and trance channelers and experience personal healing sessions; participate in ceremonies and meditations in sacred places. Enjoy the richness and traditions of a land steeped in an ancient and mystical culture.

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  1. Tabone Simone

    Hi can you tell me about this meeting of shaman and spiritual healers…. is this a tour? How much and how long is it please

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