Banua Wuhu: Diving at Indonesia’s Active Underwater Volcano

Indonesia has plenty of wonderful places to dive, but none so exciting and unusual as Banua Wuhu, an active, undersea (submarine) volcano emitting constant sulfur filled, scalding bubbles.
If you’re into scuba diving, why not bring your experience to a whole new level at Indonesia’s underwater volcano. Located between Siau and Sangihe Islands, Banua Wuhu, also known as Mahengetang volcano, is the only active underwater volcano you can actually dive at without the threat of lava and toxic fumes.

Located north of Sulawesi, this volcano was once over 90 meters out of the water, but after a series of eruptions and earthquakes, the crater currently sits about 5 meters below the surface, and its walls extend down 400 meters, forming a shoal less than 5 metres below the water surface. The shoal becomes a habitat of gigantic sponges and other gorgeous marine life forms. An exorbitantly rich and diverse underwater world awaits every brave diver. While there’s no immediate volcanic danger, one must wear the right kind of dive suit as the waters exposed to sulphur may give some amount of discomfort.

longside barracuda, parrotfish, and clownfish, divers are treated to healthy coral reefs, tunnels, and bathwater temperatures alongside the alarmingly alien looking landscape. While the volcano last erupted in 1968, the rumbling in the background and painfully warm bubbles will let every diver know that this volcano isn’t done yet

It’s imperative to exercise caution when swimming among the sulphuric bubbles. They are extremely hot and can easily burn your skin.

Best Season: March to early November

Getting There:
In order to reach Banua Wuhu, you must first fly to Manado in North Sulawesi. From Manado, if you intend to dive, you must join a liveaboard trip to Banua Wuhu. If you do not intend to dive, you can take the local ferry to Siau or Sangihe and then hire a speedboat to take you to the volcano

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    Underwater volcano…indeed is very interesting…
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    paling jauh masih di bunaken..

    sukses pariwisata indonesia

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