Diving Menjangan, West Bali

Located on the northwest of Bali, was first famous for its deer (Menjangan is Javanese word for “Deer”). When West Bali Park was formed in 1982, Menjangan Island was included as well and the Park Service controls entry and diving on the island. In 1978 Menjangan became Bali’s first internationally recognized diving location. It is famous for the spectacular walls that surround the island dropping away into the deep below you. The visibility at Menjangan can often be amazing reaching maybe 40m+.


The word “Menjangan” in the Javanese language means “Deer”. According to Wikipedia, the name was given by the local population who observed wild deer herds swimming to the island every spring covering a distance of approx 1.2 miles

North-West Bali offers some great, relaxing diving and is testament to the variety Bali has to offer. Best known is Menjangan island – part of Menjangan National Marine Park. Menjangan dive sites boast spectacular reefs and walls, groupers, large groups of jacks and turtles and some beautiful scenery. The dive sites can be reached by taking a boat from Pemuteran. Due to the distance we only visit these dive sites during our dive safaris.


This dive site is located at the most northwestern tip of Menjangan Island and can be reached by boat. In order to reach it you need to follow the wall west of the Anchor, navigate around the tip of the island and head almost into the channel between Menjangan and the Bali mainland. In the channel you will find an extremely rich and healthy wall. At the end of the dive you come across a shallow area which is inhabited by garden eels and is known as a good spot for occasional sightings of barracuda, white-tip reef sharks, turtles and napoleon wrasse.

Most dive sites on Menjangan island boast rich, colourful walls, clear waters and an abundance of reef life. The Anchor Wreck is no different. The wreck is a small wooden boat and one of the oldest in Bali, built in the late 1800’s and sunk in the World War II. It derives its name from the large, encrusted anchor which still lies about 6 to 8 meters from the surface. You can still find some of the ship’s cargo here, such as sheets of copper and brown ceramic bottles. Some of the wreckage, covered in gorgonians, protrudes from the sand. You will find large schools of fish here, reef sharks, moray eels, and some turtles. Joe’s Gone Diving offers dive trips to Kapal Budak as part of our dive safaris.


Being an uninhabited island, there are neither accommodation options nor any other facilities whatsoever available on Menjangan Island, however several hotels and other accommodations can be found on the north western coast of Bali near the West Bali National park and the Pemuteran area.

Menjangan is a 5 hour drive from Sanur and a 30 minute boat ride from Shore. We can arrange for overnight accommodation up here as well.

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