Exclusive Dining Tent Experience with Escape Nomade

An ‘Experience’ in the midst of Balinese nature in a luxury decorated tent, listen to the sounds of nature during a Royal High Tea picnic on a deep gorge above a mountain stream. The tented Escape Nomade – Living Without Walls piquenique basket contains a full body massage, foot washing, bathing in a rock pool, yoga, Balinese dance, and storytelling, high quality food, the old silver ice bucket with wine or champagne, exotic fruits and other delicacies.

Escape Nomade take you to enchanting moments and places. If you are a true and elegant Nomade who loves to stay in 5 star city hotels, luxurious tents or in a simple hut on the beach the next, with our products you can experience a new art of life which principles are based on Design for the Environment.

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Living Without Walls is an inspiration to anyone wanting to create their own sustainable environment and live a guilt free life, starting to enjoy fresh air rather than air-conditioning, and develop a taste for fine woven rich natural cottons rather than silks. Among a wide range of products related to travel and comfort close to nature, Escape Nomade designs and manufactures luxury tented resort villas and interiors for remote in- and islands for all climates.

Dining Within Tent

Outstanding stylish tented Royal High Tea picnics with a touch of magic , Escape Nomade Experiences bring you deep into nature’s living space and encourages you to listen to the sounds of nature during the tented Royal High Tea picnic, yoga and massage retreats on a deep gorge above a mountain stream in comfort and ease.

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Picnic Lunch

It all started with a picnic and contributed to a new wave of Escape Nomade travel products for which Anneke created a tent to house her designs. The tent became an event, an experience in the midst of nature, attracting guests to listen to the sounds of nature by means of hosting royal tented high tea picnics, yoga and massage retreats on a deep gorge above a mountain stream.

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Royal High Tea

Drinking Tea is almost like Traveling in Time. A promenade of unexpected events in the jungle await you after you reach a secluded luxury Safari style tent on the edge of the world.

About Escape Nomade:

A tented safari-style picnic may sound more Out of Africa than Balinese, but an excursion with Escape Nomade in the hills outside Ubud is one of the most decadent ways to spend an afternoon on the island. Along the banks of the Wos River, just a 10-minute walk from Payogan Temple in Ubud, a spacious silk-paneled tent is set up to receive you and your guests. Attentive servers in traditional garb start off your visit with a half-hour footbath and massage, then serve up a sumptuous high tea (complete with fruit tarts and Indonesian Oolong). Bamboo flute-playing musicians serenade you, and there’s time for cocktails and canapes before your walk back to the temple at sunset.

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