Fishing adventure in West Kalimantan’s Kapuas Hulu

Kapuas Hulu is the real wild Borneo. Getting there is more than an adventure. It is an experience of a lifetime, journeying through the challenging wild rivers that meander through pristine rainforest, a home to many endangered species. It is getting right into the Heart Of Borneo.

The Kapuas River at Indonesia Borneo Island is the Longest in Indonesia. Pontianak lies on the Kapuas river where many houses are built over the waterline and are connected with each other by wooden bridges.  For anglers, Kapuas Hulu regency in West Kalimantan offers several spots to enjoy the ultimate fishing high.  Spanning 29,842 square kilometers, the regency sits on the eastern end of West Kalimantan and borders Sarawak, Malaysia.

Fishing spots in the area include Lake Sentarum, which is part of the Lake Sentarum National Park, and the Meliau and Lindung lake clusters.  Lake Sentarum is a large lake, stretching 1,320 sq km, where visitors can fish in different spots while adhering to the conservation rules within the park.

“A week is not enough time to travel around the lake, which must also be done with a local guide. As a local myself, I still get lost when I go around the wide lake,” Kapuas Hulu Regent AM Nasir said.

The second spot is the Lake Meliau cluster. Meliau is the name of a hamlet that has many lakes with endemic fish. Meliau hamlet is located in Malemba village, Batang Lupar district, Kapuas Hulu regency. This destination is a popular fishing spot with a natural ecosystems and endemic fish species, especially arowana (Screlopages formosus) and toman (snakehead). You can fish in 11 of the lakes that are connected by small rivers and swamps, including lakes Telatap, Lukuk, Kasim, Balairam Besar, and others.

In addition to the fishing experience, visitors can also learn about the local culture in the Meliau region. This hamlet has a betang (a traditional Dayak house), which is 90 meters long and is inhabited by 33 Dayak Iban families.

The third spot, Lake Lindung, is a protected lake where half of it is overseen by the community to harvest fish. The harvest is the best time to visit, where you will see the community gather together harvesting tons of freshwater fish.

The Sompu Waterfall is not less attractive. It is three meters high and is surrounded by dramatic scenery. It can be reached either over land or over the Kapuas river. An inscribed stone is found in the Nangmahap district, near Pahit, on the Tekaret river. It is believed to date from the fifth century and bears the relief of the phallus symbol as well as inscriptions in Palawa script, proclaiming some of the tenets of Buddhism. The stone is rather huge. The highest part is 9.90 meters tall. It is 5.10 meters wide and the circumference is 15 meters.

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