Alamayah Sumba: brand new luxury hotel hidden in a jungle beachside village

Aptly titled the long lost world”, Sumba Island in Indonesia has managed to remain in the shadows, sidelined by its wildly popular neighbour Bali. The very few that know about it are surfers who visit the island for its rather obscure surf scene. With tranquil beaches, picturesque hillsides and ancient megalithic tombs housing members of the royal family, Sumba is the perfect getaway for travelers that seek peace and serenity. Opening its doors in April 2020, Alamayah — a luxury boutique retreat hotel — set in Southwest Sumba is the best place to get a truly authentic and immersive stay.

Born from the essence of the words ‘mayah’, meaning grandmother and ‘alam’, meaning nature, Alamayah offers a holistic holiday haven — cloistered off in a jungle beachside village in Sumba, homes to one of the last flourishing prehistoric tribes on earth. Expect nothing less than luxury here, surrounded by the beauty of the untouched natural landscape of Sumba.

Upon arrival from the airport you will be greeted with a healer’s body analysis, to rid you of any signs of jetlag or fatigue before being guided to your rooms. With king-sized beds dressed in pure cotton linen and outdoor terraces with magnificent views that will sweep you right off your feet, you will have a unforgettable refuge in their luxury suites. Choose from any of their six suites according to your personal preference and needs.

You’re in for an all-inclusive experience with daily massage treatments that incorporate essential oil blends — specially formulated by a team of physicists and chemists — that target and alleviate the most common human ailments. If that’s not enough to de-stress, Alamayah’s team of specialists are available to plan out your itinerary, allowing you to take your mind off any worries you may have and surrender yourself to the unique experience. From sound healing to mountain biking to surfing there’s something for everyone.

Alamayah places equal importance on mental health and gut health which is why it offers ‘conscious cuisine’ — a farm-to-table menu entailing multifarious culinary creations made from foraged ingredients such as herbs and vegetables indigenous to Sumba. You can also indulge in homemade elixirs and top-shelf liqueurs in medicinal mixology cocktails and mocktails.

A slice of paradise for downtime and downtime only? We can get behind that notion, this 2020.

Alamayah property can be fully booked for a private boutique retreat experience. Booking starts from 2 April 2020.

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