Beautiful Deserts you must visit in Indonesia

There are so many things to explore in Indonesia as the country offers an unlimited memorable experience to the travelers. Along with its mesmerizing beaches, tranquil and lush mountains, as well as exciting cities, there are some beautiful deserts you must visit in Indonesia.

1. Oetune Beach

The desert at Oetune Beach presents a view of the golden sea at sunrise. On the coast, there are cassowary trees aged tens of years old. Besides being able to enjoy the panoramic white sand dune, we can also rent a small boat to sail on the lake. Local children around the location will also be happy to offer and peddle palm fruit to visitors around the beach.

Location: Tuafanu, Kualin, South Timor Tengah Regency, East Nusa Tenggara

2. Gumuk Pasir Sumalu

This desert is indeed solid and at first glance, it is similar to the hills which are arranged in a row. Gumuk Pasir Sumalu looks amazing in the afternoon, which is why it is often used as a location for photoshoots. Gumuk Pasir Sumalu is surrounded by green hills which add to its beauty.

Location: Rantebua Sumalu, Rantebua, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi

3. Telaga Biru

This desert was previously a bauxite sand mining area which has now hardened like a coral. Mining has been stopped for a long time since the New Order, under President Soeharto. For decades it was just neglected, the former excavated basins filled with rainwater, which over time turned into a lake of blue water. After being opened for tourism, the blue lake desert is very popular with local tourists. Most are amazed by the 6,000 hectare stretch of sand and the blue lake in the middle

4. Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

Parangkusumo has become one of the best vacation spots in the Bantul Regency. One of the fun things you can do here is sandboarding while enjoying the scenic and unusual sand dune area.

Location:  Jl. Pantai Parangkusumo, Parangtritis, Bantul, Yogyakarta

5. Pasir Berbisik

Pasir Berbisik or The Whispering Sand of Mount Bromo is a very wide stretch of sand with amazing natural views. The Origin of the Whispering Sand of Bromo is closely related to a film made by Garin Nugroho, a famous director from Indonesia. He was the originator of the name after shooting in the sea of sand around Mount Bromo. Since then, the sea of sand has been named Whispering Sand and has become a famous tourist area to this day.

Location: Timur Kawah Gunung Bromo, East Java

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