Green Bay (Teluk Hijau), Meru Betiri National Park in East Java

Meru Betiri National Park Located in the southern coast of East Java Province,has a varied topography reaching from sandy plain coast, mangroves area, rivers, swamp, tropical rain forest and mostly highlands that createtheir own unique habitat for various animal and vegetation. The natural environment within the national park provide a perfect home for the exotic wildlife of many species.

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The habitat for a large number of mammals and birds species, among them are wild cattle, wild boar, barking deer, leopard, flying squirrel, green peafowl, wreathed hornbill, etc, also several turtle species such as hawksbill turtle, green turtle, olive ridley turtle and endangered leatherback turtles, which is has a protected beach spawning area for breeding and hatchery on Sukamade beach.

With the spectacular coastal rainforest and a rich biodiversity of wildlife, Meru Betiri is one of the most impressive national parks in Indonesia and offers plenty of outdoor activities to spend your holiday, such as trekking, snorkeling, diving, canoeing and more. Satisfy yourself by explore and observe the pure nature attraction, definitely one of the best destinations that must to visit.

green bay

A visit to Teluk Hijau (Green Bay) is more popular among local holiday-makers. The bay takes its name from the color of the sea water. It lies on the road to Sukamade, but only 3 km from the border of the park. You might spent a couple of hours at the beach on your way back from Sukamade, but of course one can skip Sukamade and make a day trip to Teluk Hijau.

How to get there 

The bay lies about 85 km by road from Banyuwangi or Kalibaru. A bus can bring you as far as Jajag (38 km), and a minibus from there to Pesanggaran (58 km) or Sarongan (80 km). For the next 3 km you may need to hire an ojek (motorbike with driver), then you have to walk. With own wheels follow signs to Pulau Merah until the turnoff 6 km from the island, then go direction Sarongan.

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At 3 km past Sarongan you reach a parking. Here a footpath goes down to the beach, but that is not Green Bay. They call it Teluk Damai (Peaceful Bay), here you can only admire the waves playing among the rocks. For Green Bay walk another 100 m uphill to where a flight of stairs leads farther uphill before the path descends for 1 km towards the shore. For those interested in botany, several trees along the path have been tagged with their local and Latin names.

The path ends on a beach with pebbles, this is not yet Green Bay. Walk to the end of the pebbly beach, where you find a short footpath to a sandy beach. This is Green Bay. For the best spot keep going to the other end of the beach, where not only you can swim, but also take a shower under a small waterfall.

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