International Travel Terms to Indonesia has Changed

The COVID-19 Handling Task Force has just issued circular letter No. 18 of 2021 concerning international travel health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. This regulation comes into effect on 11th August 2021 until further notice.

In general, the provisions stipulated in the latest circular are not much different from the previous ones. Some of the changes state the following:

  1. Testing requirements for air transportation are the same at every level. Previously for level 3 and 4 areas, air passengers could only use a PCR test. Now, all air passengers can use either a 48-hour PCR or 24-hour antigen test.
  2. The requirement to present a certificate confirming the first dose of vaccinations applies to every level of PPKM. Previously, this rule was only mandatory for areas classed as level 3 and 4.

Other changes to who can enter Indonesia and under what conditions have been made.

Foreigners are still required to show a vaccination certificate – physical or digital – stating they have received full doses of COVID-19 vaccination to enter Indonesia.

In cases where foreigners haven’t been vaccinated while overseas, they will be required to be vaccinated at their quarantine facility following two negative PCR tests over the eight-day period.

Those who will need to be vaccinated before leaving quarantine are:

  • Foreigners between the ages of 12-17
  • Diplomatic or Official Residence Permit holders
  • KITAS and KITAP holders

Whilst those with proof of a medical exemption won’t be required to receive a jab.

In addition, the determination of quarantine places and the application of comparative tests for the second PCR test requires travellers to follow several requirements.

Quarantine accommodation must be booked in a hotel approved by the COVID-19 Handling Task Force after fulfilling the requirements from the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) and the Health Ministry or Health Office regarding the certification of COVID-19 health care workers.

When performing the second PCR test, on day seven, of quarantine, the person must complete the form from the Port Health Office or Health Ministry at the expense of the traveller.

This means that PCR tests must be carried out at designated hospitals such as RSCM, RSPAD, and Polri Hospital for the Jakarta area, as well as government-owned health facilities such as hospitals, health centres, or laboratories in other regions.

A number of new clauses are regulated as well, based on the Transportation Minister’s circular no. 62 of 2021.

Aircraft passengers must include a population identification number (NIK) at the time of ticket reservation, whether reservations are made directly through the airline or another sales channel. Also, airplane passengers are required to use the COVID-19 PeduliLindungi One Data Information System.

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    Hello, I am interested in visiting Martapura and cempaka districk.I would like to visit the mining areas ,do some panning for gemstones etc there in campaka/ sungai Tiung etc.I would stay in martapura for a day or two (will find my way and accomodation there )also a day or two in banjarbaru),.I need a local guide who really knows the people /miners/villages//areas… and his way around) I am planning this for next year MAY.I would appreciate if you can
    connect me with someone as mentioned above.Also a telephone number is appreciate in case if I have questions .Also just asking is there a guest house in banjarbaru and Martapura Thank you very.

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