Pod Chocolate Plantation & Factory Visit

Love Chocolate? Visit this factory to learn how we make uniquely Balinese chocolate, go on a sensory tasting adventure of everything from raw cacao to Pod chocolates, and take part in a hands-on experience to make your own chocolate elephants!

Discover how chocolate is made at this Chocolate Factory on the grounds of Bali Elephant Camp. The tour starts with an amazing ‘chocolate shot’ welcome drink, after which you’ll be taken through each step of the chocolate making process, from the cocoa tree to raw cacao, fermenting and roasting of the beans, and the final transformation into delicious dark, milk and white chocolate.

During your journey, you’ll taste raw cacao, cocoa nibs and handmade Bali chocolate before making your own chocolate elephants and decorating them with your favorite toppings to take home.This is the ultimate chocolate experience for anyone and everyone.

It takes a whole year’s crop from a tree to make around 450 grams of chocolate. The look and flavour is sweet and sour. Next, you will be shwn the fermenting and drying process of the beans. The sun-roasted beans are then crushed. The crushed bits of the beans are called nibs. The smell of roasting cocoa nibs is intoxicating. Your guide hands you some roasted cocoa nibs and asks you to try them.

The roasted nibs are then ground into cocoa powder and pressed. The pressing process extracts cocoa butter. They also have a great café where you can enjoy a tasty lunch and cool off with their amazing homemade ice cream. Their chocolate cafe supports local communities, which farm sustainably using organic practices, and turn cacao, nature’s super food, into a range of delicious chocolates, pralines, cakes and ice-cream.

The Pod story is very interesting & started off with the discovery that Bali grew cocoa – the basis of all chocolate. Pod set about empowering local Balinese communities & farmers to add value to their cocoa crop and giving local farmers the knowledge and ability to gain additional income. Pod then taught the farmers how to use a sustainable & organic farming process to increase their crop yield. With a supply of dried Balinese cocoa beans assured, Pod Chocolate set up a small boutique display factory, complete with attached pod cafe & sales outlet. For all you chocoholics, it’s chocolate heaven!

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