Jailolo Bay festival set to lure more visitors this 2015

Festival Teluk Jailolo (or Jailolo Bay Festival) is a festive celebration of life & culture, held annually by The Regency of West Halmahera. As it enters its 7th year of festivity in 2015, it maintains the favorite Photo Competition event, which has produced stunning underwater photographs and awarded winners for the past 6 years. Both local and international photographers and respected judges have participated to produce wonderful results, which have been exposed around the globe thus awarding Jailolo a respectable spot in the list of top diving destination of Eastern Indonesia.

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However, Jailolo has way much more to offer than just the underwater world. This region lies within the famous Ring Of Fire of East Indonesia: massive volcanic mountains circled the area, gorgeous sky and sea reflection creating magnificent scenery. Cluster of beautiful atolls with white sandy beaches, the lush green forestry at the coastal lines, combined with the local customary, cultures and warm hospitality, offering the ideal elements required to produce stunning and memorable photographs.

Diver-Traveler photography trend has shifted into much broader preferences, as more divers include and capture the topside elements from their journey and destination. It takes these underwater photographers into new perspectives and new disciplines, enhancing their journalism skills, and producing more photography stories as they travel. With more topside images from a dive trip, Diver-Traveler plays a significant role in promoting a particular area with more exposure & information for the viewers.

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This year, the 2015 Festival Teluk Jailolo is inviting you, –the avid divers and passionate travelers–, to participate in one-of-a-kind photography event to expose Jailolo, both topside and underwater. You are to reveal the beauty of the nature, the people and the culture of Jailolo and transform these into stunning & story-telling images, such images that will express hence goes along with this year’s theme: “THIS IS JAILOLO!”

Although winning portfolios and photos will still be awarded with prizes, the Officials of Festival Teluk Jailolo have agreed to title this event as photo hunt rather than a competition: more activities & places to cover in a more fun& friendly atmosphere!

Jailolo had been home to an advanced maritime culture in the past. During the 16th century, it became a hub for international trade connecting an assortment of merchants including Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch traders.

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The sparsely populated island that is better known as Halmahera encompasses an area of 17,000 square kilometers. Here nature is exquisite which continues to inspire the festival each year. The Moslem and Christian population jointly participate annually in a joyous and harmonious local festivity that has developed into an international even.

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