Kasongan Pottery Village in Yogyakarta

Art galleries lines up in the street, some tourists enter in and out of the galleries, They seem look around or even buy something unique. Different dimension of ceramic are displayed orderly in the gallery, for example vases, pots, porcelains or dancing-woman sculptures. It offers lot of choices for visitors.

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It’s Kasongan Village, a village which is created for tourism area on ceramic activities. It located in Bantul Province, 20 minutes south Yogyakarta City. A big gate welcomes the visitors into village. Most of Kasongan villagers have choosen his job as craftsmanship, making ceramics and earthenware. Now, Kasongan is the center of ceramics production in Yogyakarta and Central Java.
For many years the elderly show their amazing creation of ceramics, changing society as farmer into craftsman. First making, they made household equipment and child toys, somehow in the 1971-1972, a Jogjakarta ceramics artist, Sapto Hoedojo, was learnt how to make ceramics more commercial, as souvenir and jewellery. Now, most of craftsmanship created commercial concept of ceramics.
‘Which ceramics is the most looking for ?’ Asks to the gallery keepers, and the answer must be Loro Blonyo. Loro Blonyo is a couple in Javanese clothes wedding that sitting side-by-side. It is believed on giving luck and harmonism in the household. People usually take it in main house, as family room or guest room, on the best view. Loro, based on Javanese word, means two and Blonyo means giving caresses.

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Now, craftsmanship in Kasongan Village is using stamp methods to create ceramics. The clay twisted into a form one by one and then grouped into a new form. It will be burnt for several hours and coloured in a shiny paint. It gives a new identity of Kasongan ceramics, and the design reaches up into other possibilities, very unique and intimate.

The market of Kasongan ceramics is not only for local, but also for global. The export reaches many countries in US, Europe and Asia. The increase of ceramics production is also followed by the design; now tens of new ceramics design can be seen in the workshop. Every ceramic has their identity and function. It is not only from clay, ceramics but also combine with coconut, dry leaves and goat leather.

Kasongan has been known for pottery since at least 1675, according to local lore, when a figure known as Kyai Song first set up shop. Today, the village — located about 7 kilometers south of Yogyakarta city — is home to 582 pottery businesses that employ more than 2,300 people.

The sign at the doorway hospitable guests to Kasongan village is typical of most villages in Java, Indonesia, as several villages here signboards with its name thereon. But for succeeding five hundred m, the retailers and stalls lining either side of the road isn’t in the least typical of alternative villages. On show area unit several lovely, exquisite and distinctive art items and objects on show.

Kasongan is ancient pottery village, churning out the standard home merchandise purchasable, like plates, bowls, cups, ashtrays, flower vases, tables and stools among its retailers. However, it additionally produces pretentious knickknacks and handicrafts of animal figures of variable sizes. They enclosed horses, lions, elephants, monkeys, likewise because the legendary dragon and eagle.

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There were additionally vibrant statuettes of individuals in variable poses; intake, drinking, dancing, smoking a pipe, cultivation the farm, taking part in musical instruments. The foremost common being the native Loro Blonyo bridal couple sitting along “politely”, believed to bring smart luck to the home that owns a collection. It’s no marvel several hotels in Indonesia have them in their lobbies. There have been additionally larger, large statues purchasable, and one that invariably caught my attention was the Reaper death.

The craft of pottery is produced by the Society around the village with various motifs (peacocks, dragons, roses and many others), pots in various sizes, souvenirs, picture frames, wall hangings, furniture such as tables and chairs, etc. In times, the production is develop into varied products include artificial flowers from banana leaves, bamboo furnishings, mask, and many others. The quality of the products is undoubted, for it has been exported to foreign countries such as Europe and America.

Kasongan Pottery Village
There are numbers of showroom filled with a variety of ceramic crafts. And if you are interested in seeing the manufacture of ceramics, tourists can visit some ceramic galleries that produce handicrafts, directly in their warehouse.

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