Ketawai Island, Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung Island is a province of Indonesia, which consists of two main islands, namely Bangka and Belitung and other small islands. The largest tin producer region in Indonesia has beautiful natural view of beaches and amazing islands. This beauty of the place can be enjoyed in Ketawai island. The uninhabited island has a natural beauty of beaches with amazing underwater atmosphere.

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Ketawai Island is located in Kurau regency, Central Bangka, about 18 kilometers from Pangkalpinang, the capital city of Bangka Belitung province. It is approximately 28 hectares width and approximately 6 nautical miles from the village of Kurau, Koba sub district. To reach the Ketawai Island, from Kurau village, you should rent a fishing boat. The Travel is taken for approximately 1 hour. Kurau village can be reached by land from the Pangkal Pinang city for about 30 minutes.  During the cruise, you can see the thick mangroves on the beach, and watched the tin mining in several locations.

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When arriving on the Ketawai Island, you will be greeted with clear seawater.  Due to clear water, we can see clearly small fishes swimming around the floating dock on the shoreline of the island. The beach also has softly white sand. You can get around watching the beauty of Ketawai using a motor boat which takes about 45 minutes. In addition to beautiful beach, the island also has beautiful underwater. The Coastal ecosystems in Ketawai Island are actually consisted of sea grass and coral reef ecosystems. The sea grass ecosystems in Ketawai Island are dominated by Thalassia hemprichii types and kinds of Halodule uninevis. It also found also some kinds of micro algae. Several species of reef fish can be found in under sea water of Ketawai Island as well as various types of Amphiprion, kerapu, yellowtail, damselfishes and others.

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Spectacular underwater scenery can be enjoyed while snorkeling and diving in Ketawai Island. However, you have to bring your own equipments, because there is no snorkeling equipment rental. Favorite dive spots on the island, located about 200 meters from the beach. When you diving around this location, you should be careful and should be accompanied by professional divers.  Because the area still stranger among divers. During you are in the Ketawai, you also can enjoy the thrill of fish. Although the island is uninhabited, you do not need to worry, Ketawai Island is completed with toilet facilities, floating dock, musholla and rinse room.

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