Kuta, the Magnificent South Coast of Lombok

The coastal area of Kuta is administratively located in the Central Lombok Regency, about 20 minutes drive south from the Lombok International Airport or approximately 60 Kilometers from Mataram capital of West Nusa Tenggara Province.  A magnificent stretch of white sandy beaches and brilliant turquoise colored sea with rugged hills rising around it, beautifully highlight the area. While surfers are drawn here by its world class waves, the village has a languid charm of its own with some delightful hotels and a succession of dramatic bite-shaped bays nearby.

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The scenery is spectacular, with cliffs and mountains reaching the coast to create jagged and awe- inspiring landscapes and views. The beaches are some of the best in Indonesia, with pristine white sand, and transparent blue-greens in the water. Kuta has some of the best surfing in the world, so naturally many visitors are surfers.

Kuta has a wide variety of accommodations and restaurants, ranging from backpacker offerings to a four star resort for more wealthy travelers. Many people come to Kuta just to unwind, lie on the beach, rent a motorcycle to look around, or to just relax by reading a book or taking a nap in the afternoon.

Most of Kuta retains its sleepy, natural character as a typical fishing village. The local people live in housing clusters (called kampungs) and are largely unaffected by tourist activity.

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Travellers can walk along dirt roads and see the villagers going about their normal daily activities. Food is usually cooked over a wood fire and the children live a carefree life of playing on the beach and climbing trees. Most people are exceptionally friendly to foreigners, although a very small element has growing hostilities.

Kuta Beach is the main Beach where most of the accommodations and facilities are located and offers a full range of activities for those who are not interested in exploring the area. About 3 Km to the east, visitors are presented with the pleasant beach of Putri Nyale. Aside from white sands and crystal clear waters, the beach is also closely related with the legend of Princess Nyale or Putri Nyale which is celebrated annually in the traditional ritual of Bau Nyale. Every year, on the 19th day of the 10th month, this calm litle coast becomes center stage for Lombok’s Sasak ethnic group’s cultural tradition: The Bau Nyale Festival.  Hundreds of Sasaks will gather here as they wait for the scared ‘Nyale’ worm to appear.

 Pictures of Indonesia, Kuta Beach, Kuta Lombok by travel photographer and panoramic photographer Matthew Williams-Ellis

With world class shores, reef and point breaks along the coast,  Kuta is also a prime Surfing destination. Directly facing the Indian Ocean, with its many bays accommodating various swell angles and winds, surfers will likely find good waves most days all year round. Waves are mostly reef breaks and are greatly influenced, by the tides. Waves range from ‘fun and full’ to ‘fast and furious’, with spots available for all levels from beginners to experienced.

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Silk Air flies to Lombok from Singapore. The Lombok International Airport is served by many domestic airlines from Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali on Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batavia Air, Wings Air and Trigana Air. If you want to use sea transport from Bali you need to take the ferry from Padang Bai Port in Bali to Lembar in Lombok.

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