Labengki Island, South East Sulawesi

Labengki Island, two hours off the shore of Kendari, Sulawesi, is a destination that very few tourists have traveled. Labengki Island known as Raja Ampat of Sulawesi. It is called so because this destination has a nuance almost similar with Raja Ampat which consists of big rocks. The clusters of large and small coral island are mapped into Labengki big island and Labengki Small island. Labengki is that it is home to some of the largest clam species in the world with a size of up to 50cm.

To access this island, from Kendari city, you can go directly to Kendari seaport. At the seaport, you can rent a boat to go to Labengki island. The tariff is different depending on the agreement between you and the boat owner. This trip takes around 4 until 5 hours depending on the climate. If you are lucky, during the trip, you will see swimming dolphins. Labengki Island is occupied by Bajo tribe or sea tribe in Sulawesi. This island has beautiful natural panorama with white sand and clear sea water. Not only beautiful land, Labengki also has beautiful under sea scenery.

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Tourists can enjoy beautiful and various marine biota in 2 meter deep sea. Corals in a form of round table, twig, chimney, until turtle’s shells are spread on the sea floor. Various colorful small fish are swimming surrounding the area. Labengki also has a wealth and unique underwater. Around the sea there is Tridacna. The rare and protected animals live in between the reef up to a depth of 20 meters. Several Tridacna species which live in surrounding Labengki Sea, are T maxima, T derasa, T squamosa, T crocea, T kimaboe, Hippopus-hippopus, dan Hippopus porcellanus. Tridacna species on the island are known as the biggest Tridacna species in the world, so that Labengki island’s area becomes a place of conservation, research and breeding of Tridacna.

Besides diving, you can also do another activity on Labengki Island, namely fishing. You can catch groupers, barracuda, sailfish, yellow fin tuna, and red snapper fish. Your fish catching can be roasted directly and becomes your dinner. It is really pleasant to visit Labengki Island. If you want to stay at night on this island, you can set a tent or stay at the local resident’s houses.

How to get there:

Labengki island is located at Labengki village, Lasolo sub-district, North Konawe region, Southeast Sulawesi province. It is located around 70 kilometer from Kendari city.

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