Mount Halimun-Salak National Park, West Java

Driving west from the town of Bogor toward the Mount Halimun-Salak National Park, you cannot miss the changing landscape and the narrowing streets.

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This mixed-use national park is home to small swatches of primary rainforest, but also includes plantations such as the Nirmala Tea Estate. The park’s best feature is the rich montane forest in the highland regions around Gunung Halimun (1929m), its tallest peak. The scenery is ravishing and there’s a lot of wildlife (though most of it is hard to see), including langurs and gibbons as well as profuse bird life. Several happy days could be spent hiking here.

Halimun is a Sundanese Language translated as “mist”. The higher part of Mount Halimun, which resides in the north area, is almost always clouded by mist with a soaring elevation of 1,929 meters. Travelling to this highlands will give you a chance to inhale the refreshing cool air and soothes your eyes with sprawling fertile greeneries

The mountain lies within the borders of Mount Halimun Salak National Park, a 400 km square conservation area in the West Java province, stretching through three regions of Bogor-Lebak-Sukabumi. Established in 1992, it has been a secured habitat for the endangered West Java gibbons and the Javanese lutung.

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For safety precautions, climbing the mountains are currently strictly prohibited. But don’t worry, because there are still plenty more outdoor activities to enjoy with friends and families. The Canopy Trail is one of the most anticipated experiences. It is a walk through a 125 meter canopy bridge 30 meter above the ground, supported by 7 large trees. The bridge can only support five people on each trip, and it is not recommended to take the trail trip during the rain. 

Jungle trekking is also a main event for those who appreciate nature’s bliss. Hire an experienced guide to make your journey even more memorable. You can also learn many new things from the forest.

Cimacan Waterfall is also a great place to hang around. It’s cool, fresh and definitely makes an amazing holiday photo background. Don’t forget to pack extra clothing’s if you plan to visit here. The small lake underneath is alluring to play in.

Experience an easy breezy tea walk through enchanting Nirmala Tea Plantation with a dash of lovely rose gardens. Sip into some fine quality tea and take a moment to absorb the entire peaceful ambiance surrounding you. This is where you can catch the sight of graceful eagles flying over. You also don’t want to miss the night adventures, of seeking the phosphorus mushroom that glows in the dark, just fascinating!

Although the park can be accessed from various villages along the northern and southern boundaries, Cibadak village on the eastern boundary is the usual gateway to Gunung Halimun. It’s best reached from Bogor, Sukabumi or Rangkasbitung by private hire car, ideally a four wheel drive as some sections of the road are quite degraded, particularly as you get closer to the park.

Gunung Halimun experiences between 4,000 – 6,000mm of rainfall a year so it’s wet much of the time and cool given the higher elevation, so bring a raincoat and warm clothing if you are travelling in rainy season. It also experiences a longer wet season from October to May when visiting the park becomes difficult to the point the entire park is closed for trekking from December to April.

Get There

From Jakarta, drive with through Jagorawi Toll Road. Take exit at Ciawi then head towards Sukabumi to Parung Kuda. Take a right turn at Parung Kuda Train Station and continue to Kabandungan (the office of Mount Halimun Salak National Park). From there, you can proceed to Cikaniki post (or drive on towards Citalahab to find homestays).

It normally takes around 3-5 hours for the whole trip. It is also suggested that you drive a 4-wheeled vehicle to explore the undulating terrains.

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