Munduk Moding Plantation, Bali

Munduk Moding Plantation is a simple boutique hotel and spa found on a working plantation that has one of the most picturesque locations in central Bali. The surrounding hillsides are covered with jungle, coffee trees, rice fields, and pretty much anything that grows on the island. With just a handful of villas and suites (currently four villas and six suites but with plans for more) on some five hectares of land this is a very different type of property to those normally found in Bali where land is at a premium and space is a real luxury that is often not available.

Munduk Moding Plantation

The two Sky suites (two bedrooms in each suite) are located above the pool and share a large terrace with amazing views over the pool, plantation and north coast. The three Garden suites are located in a separate building which itself is situated in the coffee plantation with views of the surrounding greenery and the rolling hills down to the sea. The Garden suites all have private and semi covered terraces from which the scenery can be taken in while the bedrooms have merbau parquet floors, huge windows and glass sliding doors, four poster beds and are decorated with local artworks inspired by nature. The en suite bathroom echoes this theme by combining Sulawesi cream marble floors with section executed in natural stone and indigenous plants. The wash-basins are supported by an old coffee tree while a sky light floods the shower and terrazzo bath-tub with natural light. The significantly larger villas are dotted around the plantation in secluded locations and have beautiful four poster beds and stylish interiors. Huge glass panel doors provide unparalleled views in all directions, with a small terrace to take in the mountain air and an outdoor shower in a private garden filled with flowers. Although built in traditional style, modern facilities are taken care of with iPod, CD and DVD players and flat screen TV in all rooms. The spa is excellent value and after a long day exploring or if the weather turns it is well worth booking in.

munduk moding

Spectacular sunsets and stunning panoramas of the rice fields and north coast can be enjoyed from vantage points all over the plantation but it is hard to beat the view from the amazing infinity pool which is the signature image of the property. Mimpi (meaning ‘dream’ in Balinese) is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has great views of the Bali sea and the central mountains. If the weather is clear, outdoor dining on the terrace under the frangipani trees next to the swimming pool is very popular and the mixed Indonesia/Asian fusion menu features plenty of ingredients grown in the organic gardens. The hotel does also boast a tennis and badminton court.

Responsible Tourism practices

Designed by award winning Balinese architect, Popo Danes, the hotel is situated in a part of the island that is largely untouched by international tourism. This greatly adds to the charm of visiting the area and the staff are strongly committed to help avoid the excesses of mass tourism. Given that international tourism is new in this region the aim is to demonstrate to the local population that sustainable tourism is in their interest, respects the local culture and helps promote a better environment.

munduk 2

The owners work with local coffee farmers to pool resources, upgrade the quality through organic farming and sell to wholesalers directly. This will hopefully lead to better revenues for local farmers and will protect the soil and water tables in the area: organic coffee plantations use much less water than growing oranges and cash flowers while it requires shadow trees which, in turn, attracts a large variety of birds and stimulates the growth of many indigenous plants and flowers. There has been a remarkable increase in the variety of bird life since this type of farming was introduced. Birds that are regularly observed include swallows, singing bush larks, kingfisher, red jungle fowl, pink necked pigeons, plaintive cuckoos and spider hunters.

There is a programme of cultural tours including visits to plantations, villages, markets and temples. Adventure seekers will enjoy trekking, horse riding or climbing volcanoes. For those wishing to do as little as possible, relax by the infinity pool or in the privacy of your villa as you enjoy the cool mountain air, spectacular sunsets and stunning scenery. There is also a spa for those wishing to be pampered.

Location: Northern Bali, one and half hour from Denpasar Airport

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