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Papua Explorers Resort is located in the islands of Raja Ampat, a stunning archipelago comprising over 1,500 small islands, hosting thousands of species some of which are endemic to the region.  Some scientific surveys reveal that Raja Ampat has 603 hard coral species which represents more than 75% of all the species in the world. With its rich ecosystem and abundance of species, Raja Ampat is the bull’s-eye of the Coral Triangle in every sense.

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Papua Explorers Resort is constructed using traditional Papuan construction methods and local, natural materials. The water bungalows are designed to be in perfect harmony with the exotic surrounding, allowing guests to feel the breeze from the rainforests, enjoy the songs of the tropical birds and soothe their souls with the flutter of the waves.


Papua Explorers Resort Water-bungalows blend traditional Papuan style with the comfort of modern design features. They are built by using local, natural materials collected from the surrounding villages. All bungalows are very spacious and equipped with ensuite toilet and shower, hot water, ceiling fan, mosquito net, working desk and a comfortable seating area. There are two sun loungers on the veranda as well as a hammock to enjoy the breath taking Raja Ampat sunsets.  The veranda has direct access to the sea, allowing guests to enjoy the sun and sea in their own privacy. Other features are ; 220 V electricity with European type plugs, in room tea and coffee facilities, drinking water, environmentally friendly and natural soap.


Raja Ampat waters are highly rich in nutrients and Dampier Strait is especially nutrient-rich due its fast moving currents. These currents attract a wide variety of species including migrating mammals and pelagic species. However, nutrient-rich means low visibility and the saying goes “no current, no fish”.


Raja Ampat islands are amongst the rarest natural beauties in the world. Mushroom islands and the depth of green melting into the bright blue of the sea will make you feel like you’re on Pandora in James Cameron’s Avatar.

If you are interested in bird watching, then it is guaranteed that your stay in Papua Explorers will be a very satisfactory one. You will wake up to the amazing chorus of the tropical birds. Flocks of parrots can be observed during the day and The Red Bird of Paradise is resident at the neighboring bay.


There is a pretty lake behind the resort that can be reached after a 5 min hike in the jungle. This short jungle hike is an excellent way to observe the amazing plants and creatures of the rainforest. It is quite likely to come across a blue tongue lizard, a giant moth or a cuscus. It is quite likely to come across a blue tongue lizard, a giant moth or a cuscus. The rest area by the lake provides a tranquil getaway in the middle of the rainforest to catch your breath. Guided kayak tours are also available upon request.

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