Penggajawa Beach, Ende – Flores

One of the most interesting sights in Flores is Penggajawa beach located on the west of Ende peninsula. The beach has white sand-covered by bluish green ( Tosca ) stones. Try to imagine how beautiful the scenery at the beach with clear blue sea water, beautiful surrounding nature for there are not many tourists who come here accompanied by tosca colored stone overlay along the coast. 

penggjawa 3There is no sand instead thousands of pebbles in pastel shades of mainly blue and aquamarine, sometimes in pink and red. From the distance this spot looks like a giant blue mosaic stretching to the horizon. A good source of income to the local villagers, they would gather these colorful pebbles to be sold to ready buyers.

It is said that these stones were originated from seafloor swept by waves and stranded on the shores of this beach. Local people around are mostly work as rock miners to sale. They will sort the stones by shape, color and size. Later, stones they gathered would be sold to collectors who come from the city. Usually the stones are going to get to the building supply store in Jakarta. 

Although there are many beautiful colored and unique stones, but don’t hope you can find a variety of souvenirs made from them. If you want, you can take the stones back home as a keepsake. This beach also doesn’t yet have tourist facilities and food vendors. But the view presented by this beach could pay for the absence of the tourist facility. Moreover, coastal hills around add the cool scenery around the coast. The hilly stretch of cliffs which also has a green color, are similar to the stones.


From Ende downtown, Penggajawa Beach is about 20 km away. The blue stone beach (locally known as Penggajawa Beach), just before Nangapanda, is the spot you will be heading to.

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