Plataran Menjangan Bali, Indonesia

A natural kind of luxury on the coastal edge of West Bali National Park, including a villa, breakfast and a massage treatment.

Take a step back into nature at Plataran Menjangan. Away from the thrum of Kuta, this unique resort is tucked into the remote West Bali National Park, at the point where the island reaches towards East Java. With architecture that beds harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, this wild western retreat offers a glimpse of Bali that few travellers see.

Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa spotlights the essence of a true environmental experience. Its villas, residential suites, restaurant and other facilities are located in the forest with a view of the sparkling turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. From sunrise to sunset, on land and under water, Plataran Menjangan Resort & Spa captures nature’s beauty while making sure it lasts for future generations. A stay at the Luxury Ocean Villa allows guests to take full advantage of the tranquillity of the surrounding jungle, mixed with stunning views of the ocean.

The Octagon is the heart of the dining facilities at Plataran Menjangan. The Octagon was named for its shape, affording diners the best viewing points at Plataran Menjangan. It is comprised of three levels, with each level offering a view that no camera can do justice. A jetty is located in the heart of the project, near the Octagon. This jetty is used for all water-transportation related activities, including drop-off and pick-up with Plataran’s cruise vessels. Ideal for divers and adventure seekers, Plataran Phinisi Komodo offers the experience of a true and authentic Indonesian life at sea with its traditional build. There is no end to what you can see while cruising aboard the Plataran Indonesia yacht, soaking up the panoramic beauty and experiencing the great outdoors on a true sea adventure. Plataran Indonesia yacht is fully equipped to make your journey an exceptional cruising experience, no matter the destination.

All about preserving the natural beauty of its setting, the resort offers unforgettable excursions that tread only lightly on the environment. Trek or cycle through the jungle to learn about its wildlife, take diving or snorkelling trips to explore colourful reefs. You could also kayak through mangroves with a guide to learn more about the island’s diverse ecosystem. In the evenings, take a sunset cruise on the Plataran Menjangan Yacht for a lovely picnic out at sea.

But after exploring, return to your luxury villas to unwind. The secluded haven values privacy, with each villa located within its own private plot, surrounded by greenery, with some positioned for a front-row view of the calm sea. Modelled after traditional Joglo houses, the villas take advantage of the lush foliage, providing tranquillity rarely found in the concrete jungle.

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