Pulau Joyo Private Islands, Riau

The archipelago of Indonesia is full of tropical paradises. Most of the islands are uninhabited but a special few have luxurious accommodation to spoil those lucky enough to have a getaway on a private island.  Pulau Joyo is a small private island resort located in Riau Archipelago, just a short boat ride from Bintan Island and within easy reach of Singapore. This magical private island resort near Singapore showcases barefoot luxury at its finest.

From the moment the boat nudges its nose up onto the sandy shores of the island and the friendly staff usher you along the winding pathways through the palm trees, you know that you have arrived somewhere very special indeed.

Accommodation is in driftwood beach palaces and traditional Javanese joglos, entertainment is centered around the white sandy beach and crystal clear water of the surrounding ocean – or in the resort’s swimming pool and pavilion, and dining is with the sand beneath your toes to the light of a beach bonfire.

Walking over the small sand dunes with a welcome drink in hand, you will be taken back by the construction of the environmentally ergonomic design of the accommodation. The staff have carefully handpicked drift wood from Pulau Joyo and surrounding islands to construct a very deliberate oneness with the island. The driftwood palaces were furnished with princess style four-poster beds, with mosquito nets draped in a regal fashion’.

The drift wood palaces have been built with local materials, which while being big and spacious, allows them to have a quaint almost homelike quality. And being on a small tropical island, all the palaces were on the beach, and the layout was well planned. The islands owners were not greedy and refrained from the urge to pile on as many rooms as possible to get a dollar, the generous space between villas allows each family their own private paradise. And the common areas, focused around the 25 metre pool, follow the same trend, offering many chill out zones that are well spaced so you don’t feel like you are rubbing shoulders with other guests but more like you are relaxing in your own, beach house accommodation with your feet in the sand from your villa to the table.

4 huge Driftwood Palaces which capture the very essence of luxurious castaway fantasy. They are constructed completely from driftwood salvaged from the sea and are perfectly suited to catch the island breezes. Each Palace has one King sized bed, an ensuite shower and bathroom and a Balinese day-bed (double) which can be used for children or additional guests. The spacious living area and sea-view terraces are furnished with sun- loungers and sofas-perfect for simply drinking in the peaceful atmosphere of Pulau Joyo. They are Beach palace 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Life at Joyo

The all-year-round comfortable tropical temperature requires only light and natural fabrics. Polo-style shirts and summer dresses and sarongs are ideal with a pashmina or light jacket for the ferry. Shoes are not practical on the soft sandy paths, so we suggest that you use the sandals provided. Laundry service is offered, but there is no dry cleaning.


There is a Government mandated “No Fish Zone” 400 metres from the reef -drop off. We offer top-of-the-line snorkel gear free of charge. The Eastern tip of the island is where the fish are – the best coral is to the South.

Fishing trips

These trips can be arranged and are away from the island. Generally this is Indonesian-style fishing where the boat crew will show you how to bait a hook which is then hung over the side. We have a few fishing rods but you are welcome to bring your own. Our sailors can arrange bait.

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