Sailing Adventure on Warisan Komodo

Warisan Komodo, “Komodo Inheritance” His name is a tribute to the legacy and spirit merchant adventurer who passed from father to sons Makassares, Bajaus and Buginese sailors through the islands of Indonesia.

For many years these people with deep roots the sea, dominated the waters of these seas from the Philippines to the Australian coast. His wooden ships plied the waters of the Indonesian archipelago trading and fishing , transmitting their knowledge and lifestyles. They forged secret routes at the mercy of the winds and currents encouraging pirate legends and intrigue connected with the sea, spread gastronomy, culture and religion and were an important pillar to show the rest of the world one of its most coveted treasures spices.

The subtle perfume oil nail fallen tree, freshly hatched nutmeg or vanilla bark wrapped at all times your stay in Indonesia bringing pieces of the story in which the nations of the Old World trade control and disputed the spice Islands . A trip to the past legacy of a people.

Sailing Adventure and Discovery

From the start on the drawing board they have projected the creation of a vessel following the construction patterns of the traditions of this navigators.

They have designed a boat from the privacy invited to live unique experiences and feelings not familiar pause to let your imagination in a privileged environment as are the islands that make up the archipelago of Indonesia. Experiences to live in islands within a framework of sharing space with a marine fauna and endemic wild land. A place where beauty meets most exalted and nothing more devastating to the Indian and Pacific oceans calm. During the days of sailing with Warisan Komodo will have the experience of walking and relaxing in the sun on wild beaches deserted islands surrounded by coral reefs, home to hundreds of species of tropical fish. Plunge into the water and discover the kaleidoscope of colorful coral reefs. You will enjoy the extraordinary feeling that awakens the unknown when it is about to be discovered, even knowing that everything will never be revealed.

You will see and hechizarse when the sun, of a deep orange color, languishes on the horizon and ends another day of adventure. With the sole escort of silence you can count from the deck of the ship or any of its wild beaches of white sand the stars of heaven in the South Seas, one by one, until the dream catch and fresh sea breeze and salt wrap will wake you up at dawn.

Warisan Komodo offers some small touches of comfort in the heart of the Komodo National Park. Following the patterns of phinilsi (Indonesian traditional boats) designed a medium-sized boat with a number of nearest service to a small floating hotel adapting to the needs of a discerning traveler profile.

Warisan Komodo has a master stateroom Aura cabin on the lower deck and an upper berth Solaria cabin located in the aft deck of the ship. The total passenger capacity is 4 adults + 1 child

Crew: 4 people: 1 captain, 1 cook, 1 assistant 1 assistant / guide.

Air Conditioning:

Nights in Komodo are cool but at certain times of day the temperature can rise to 35 degrees and down to 24 degrees overnight. In both cabins boat can enjoy air conditioning during the hottest hours of the day or night according to the needs of our guests.

With its 23 meters long and 4.5 Warisan Komodo Sleeve features a large terrace/gazebo for the camera lens will not miss a single detail of the landscapes and wildlife that inhabit the National Park or relax on your deck in the sun while browsing.

If required all incoming flights can be arranged from Bali or Jakarta Labuabajo. From Bali Flight Bali – 5 daily flights Labuanbajo. It is advisable to spend a night before the departure of the international flight to Bali or Jakarta.

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