Artisanal Ceramics shopping in Bali

Here’s where to find the most fabulous ceramics in Bali, from designer brands to hand-painted artisanal pieces.

Nothing adds character to your home like gorgeous ceramics, and luckily for us, Bali is where you’ll find some of the most impressive decorative creations around, handmade by dedicated artisans who know just how to throw clay into works of ceramic art. From beautiful dining settings to colourful vases and Balinese-inspired bowls, here’s where to shop for ceramics in Bali – a roundup of the island’s cream of the crockery. And psst – if you’re looking for more home decor ideas, check out our homewares and furniture shopping guides too!

If you’ve ever dined at a fancy restaurant in Bali, chances are, the handmade condiment holders, plates and bowls you ate from were from Kevala Ceramics. You see, Kevala is an island icon when it comes to top-of-the-line, out-of-the-ordinary ceramics in Bali, and the good news is, you can actually take these handcrafted, hand-painted beauties home. Using the most elegant, innovative and sophisticated colours, textures and designs, once you’ve held a Kevala creation, you’ll understand why Kevala translates to mean “perfect, whole, and complete” – the exact words we’d use to describe Kevala’s showpiece creations.

Gaya Ceramic

this Bali brand is all about art and design too. Located in Ubud, they make everything from gorgeous bowls and table settings, to decorative pieces, lighting and artworks – all handmade by local artisans. And with the option to customise your own made-to-order designs, it comes as no surprise that some of Gaya’s big-name clients include Armani Casa and Bulgari Hotels. Yup, these are top shelf, sought-after creations that’ll have everyone talking at your next dinner party.


Jenggala was founded in Bali in 1976, which means they know more than just a thing or two about producing ceramics on the island. Their gorgeous collections are seemingly endless (not to mention some of the finest around), and if you’re feeling inspired, you can even visit their headquarters in Jimbaran and paint your very own pot (it’s a great day out with the kids, FYI). A ceramics favourite across Bali, Jenggala offers beautiful tableware, vases, artistic pieces, crockery, the works…  a huge range of stunning creations you’ll love. You can visit their three other stores in Sanur, Kuta and Ubud too.

Cisco & the Sun

If you love the meticulous attention to detail and artistic aesthetics of The Slow in Canggu, then you’ll love Cisco & the Sun ceramics. Brought to us by The Slow’s superstar founder, Cisco Tschurtschenthaler, the earthy and utterly unique pieces at The Slow are now part of this fine collection of hand-created ceramics, individually made on a man-powered potter’s wheel in the spirit of Japan’s “wabi sabi” methodology.  The result? Mineral-rich pieces with subtle subtle differences and varying depths, signifying their dissimilarity to mass produced ceramics. They truly are one-of-a-kind; soulful, raw and organic.

Sari Api

Showcasing contemporary ceramics made completely by hand, Sari Api is one of Ubud’s icons when it comes to honouring the island’s artisanal traditions. Visit the gorgeous gallery in Ubud to see the full range Sari Api’s creations, alongside fine silks, batik, and other treasures from across Bali and Southeast Asia. Or if you want to get involved, head 3km outside of Ubud to the studio where you can join a class or workshop.


Not only a stylish botanical Canggu café, Quince is also a gorgeous and rustic retail spot where you can shop for homewares, throws, textiles and of course, ceramics. We love the warm and homey vibe here – it kinda feels like you’re sitting in the owner’s living room, with its hand-printed walls adorned with tropical green plants and shelves full to the brim with exquisite ceramics.

Slab Interiors

Founded in the foothills of Bali’s volcanos, Slab Interiors crafts its collection of pottery with volcanic sands, reinforced with coconut husk fibres. Inspired by ancient techniques, this handcraft is then finished with Balinese blessings, making the most of the Island of the Gods, and putting its magic into every pot. The result? Gorgeous planters that are as functional as they are beautiful, topped off with bold, minimalist designs that we can’t get enough of.

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