Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge, Central Kalimantan

Immerse yourself in the wildlife and rainforest around this riverside eco-lodge perched on the banks of the Sekonyer River in Kalimantan.

Surrounded by forest and accessed only by boat, the lodge is a great spot for enjoying the natural wonder of Indonesian Borneo, from the troop of macaques that call the site home, to the Proboscis monkeys across the water and the Orangutan that can be observed at the Tanjung Harapan feeding station, just a few minutes boat ride away.

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A bit like summer camp meets Heart of Darkness, this low impact lodge is the height of luxury on offer in this stunning UNESCO world heritage site. Clean if run down in the way that anything in a jungle is, the accommodation with aircon and showers is a relief after a day in the humidity basking in the presence of the Orangutans. The lodge is in the middle of large groups of Macaque and Proboscis monkeys. And breakfast is more than sufficient. Using rain water and supplemental solar, don’t forget biodegradable products, as everything goes into the river!

Situated on the edge of ‘The Tanjung Puting National Park’, this forest lodge on the Sekonyer River provides a comfortable base for seeing nine different primate species. It is one of the only places in the world where orangutans can be seen in the wild. Observe Orangutans, Proboscis Monkeys, Gibbons, Tarsiers and other primate species in their natural habitat.

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Rimba Lodge is surrounded by forest and access is only possible by boat from the Port of Kumai. The timber Lodge is built in a series of adjoining elevated pavilions. Each pavilion contains 3 rooms and has its own covered verandah and boardwalk to the river’s edge. Amethyst, Sapphire and Ruby rooms are adjoining in one large pavilion. The walkways also join the restaurant, reception, lounge and office.

The Lodge is just a few minutes by boat from the orangutan feeding station at Pondok Tangui and mid way upstream to Camp Leakey. A resident troop of macaques are often seen around the Lodge and Proboscis monkeys are also often visible across the river. This is a Lodge that feels truly remote.

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From the minute you arrive at the camp there are signs everywhere warning tourists to not touch, feed, go near, or stand between a male and female orangutan. Inside the museum they have a picture of the arm length of a typical male orangutan. Let’s just say that if they wanted to reach out and grab you, he could. Easily. Yikes, I realize this is beginning to sound like a ‘don’t touch the animals’ sermon and that really wasn’t the point of writing this; to put the fear of Orangutans into you. It is, however, an opportunity to recognize that these animals are special and not here for our entertainment. They are endangered beings lucky to be living in a truly amazing place.

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It was a priviledge and pleasure to get the chance to see them up close and personal in their world rather than a zoo. You appreciate even more the incredible magnificence of these animals. It was a real eye-opener watching them swing from tree to tree; mothers with their babies clinging to them as they grabbed their food. And then there was one of the most famous Orang Utan, Tom.

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So if you do decide to take the Indonesian Orangutan Excursion to Tadjung Putting National Park, be prepared for a trip that will change your whole attitude, perspective and knowledge about jungles, Orangutans and other animals, vegetation and people who depend on it for survival. Oh and be sure to thank Julia privately for opening all of our eyes to the joy and dangers of dealing with orangutans and how it’s important to appreciate their beauty – from afar!

It’s not all about the Orangutans though. Afterwards you relax on the kelotek with the crew; enjoy a traditional Indonesian meal; lounge on the deck while staring at myriads of birds and other animals; crane your neck for the slightest sign of a crocodile; look up at the trees that are filled with Proboscis Monkeys and Macaques;– it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Rimba Ecolodge is a great example of how nature tourism can enhance the natural environment it inhabits, with a number of initiatives undertaken by the hotel from environmental education for the local primary school and the use of locally trained guides by the Guides Association. If you would like to get involved yourself, guests are encouraged to bring along books and writing materials to be used at the primary school in Tanjung Harapan.

Quick Facts:

  1. Hotel address: Sekonyer River Kumai, Pangkalan Bun, Central Borneo Kalimantan,74181 Pontianak
  2. Geographical location: 0° 1′ 21″ South, 109° 19′ 49″ East
  3. Region: Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia
  4. Number of rooms: 32

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