Samboja Eco Lodge, Borneo

Borneo is one of the best places to hear orangutans howl, and the Samboja Lodge puts you right in the middle of an orangutan rehabilitation center, far from the noises of illegal logging and oil palm plantations.

Samboja Lodge 2Samboja Lodge is an eco-lodge located within Samboja Lestari and managed by BOS (The Borneo Orangutan Survival) Foundation. Guests are able to stay at the Lodge and simply enjoy the forest or become involved as volunteers in conservation activities including maintenance of orangutan and sun bear facilities, tree planting and learning about organic farming. Each room has a balcony, providing a perfect perch to see the apes swinging from branches and, in the evening, to hear the chorus of tree frogs. Here, for the first time, visitors will be able to work closely with them in the many projects currently active in Samboja Lestari in aid of saving the rain forests and the orangutan.

The Lodge’s unique design is based upon local architecture. All interior and exterior walls are made of recycled materials. The cosmetic touches are all traditional Kalimantan handicrafts and are produced by both local and Dayak communities around the Island. You can even purchase these items if you decide you like them!

The Lodge is surrounded by lush vegetation and each room has its own patio or balcony in which to enjoy the greenery. The glass doors can fold open allowing you to choose between having a barrier to nature, or being completely open to it!

bild_228654The area around the Lodge has been planted with many indigenous tree species, flowers and fruiting trees. There is also a salt lake, which attracts many animals right beside the Lodge. The Lodge rooms also overlook the Orangutan Islands. At night, the evening sky is full of stars and the Southern Cross is easily visible.

It is our hope that your stay with them will encourage you to continue your support for the preservation of our natural spaces. Through their planned visitor’s activities, you will be able to become a part of their daily work team. In this way, you will gain firsthand knowledge on what is required to rebuild a forest and protect its wildlife. So come on, get your hands dirty, work and eat with them, and plant your own special tree as a lasting memory of your visit! You will even be able to track your tree’s progress on the Internet.


  • The Lodge consists of two long levels and a center tower.
  • The lower level contains 12 rooms (6 on either side of the center tower), each with its own patio, private bathroom and twin beds for double occupancy.
  • The upper level has 10 rooms with balcony, private bathroom and twin beds for double occupancy as well.
  •  The upper level has two VIP guests rooms with Queen size beds, air conditioning and hot water.
  • The ground level portion of the center tower houses a communal area for dining, laundry and kitchen facilities, Internet access area
  • The upper level of the tower accommodates two master VVIP suites complete with king size beds, Jacuzzi and large picture windows overlooking the Samboja Lestari area.
  • There is also a large viewing platform open to all guests.

Samboja Lodge

Getting There

Samboja Lodge is about 38 km from Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Flights arrive daily to Balikpapan’s International Airport from Jakarta or Singapore. You can reach Samboja Lodge with a taxi from the Airport, for 45 – 50 minutes.

There are regular flights between Singapore and Jakarta to Balikpapan as well as flights from other Indonesian cities like Banjarmasin, Pontianak and Denpasar so it is comparatively easy and quick to move from one city to another.

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