Seraya Island, Flores

The Flores Sea is dotted with glistening tropical islands. Some are home to high-end dive resorts, others to fishing villages, others still remain blissfully devoid of civilisation. Two islands however draw a steady stream of independent travellers — perched on the rim of Komodo National Park lies Kanawa Island and north of Labuan Bajo sits Seraya Island.

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Only 10km from Labuan Bajo lies the small but charming Seraya Island (official name: Seraya Kecil) – a place where chilling out on white sandy beaches, swimming in the clear, calm and turquoise water or exploring the colorful underwater world with just some goggles and a snorkel make up your daily routine. Around the small fishing village that is located on the southern tip of the island, you can get an impression of the bagan style of traditional fishing with its bamboo structures erected over the open sea.

Rugged and remote, to say the least, with untouched natural beauty that belies its picture postcard image. For intrepid adventure travelers who are game for a true Robinson Crusoe-like experience, this setting can be enjoyed even further with a stay in traditional thatch-roof huts that sit on the beachfront.

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Seraya Island itself is a tiny tropical island located around 1,5 hours with boat, away in the northwest of Labuanbajo. If you are looking for complete peace and serenity, we can totally recommend it. The beach is one of the most beautiful you will have ever seen in Indonesia. It is kept clean, the sand is white and powdery, very peaceful and there is very good for snorkeling. There are footpaths behind the bungalows which lead around the small island, and to the little fishing village, and they provide stunning views of the islands around.

Enjoy activities like swimming, snorkeling, fishing (we provide the equipment) and canoeing around the island or rent our motorized boat and be your own captain to discover the uninhabited surrounding islands. (You will be given a crash course on how to operate the boat. It is easy). To see the famous Komodo dragon is a must. We organize boat trips to Rinca or Komodo. There are dragons on both islands.

Island Information:

  • Excellent beach, calm water, outstanding swimming and snorkeling
  • Basic bungalow accommodation available
  • Beach restaurant serving local food and drinks
  • A small fishermen village is located on the southern tip of the island  provides a chance to view the bagan style of traditional fishing from bamboo structures erected over the open sea

How to get there:
The best and easiest way is by air. There are flights from Denpasar/Bali to Labuan Bajo every day. The route is operated by Trans Nusa and Batavia Air. The airlines have offices in the domestic arrival building at International Airport in Denpasar/Bali.

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