Rupadhatu Exhibition by Amanjiwo

Named ‘Peaceful Soul’ for the serenity of its setting in Central Java’s cultural heartland, Amanjiwo celebrates the vibrant art, rich culture, and artisans from its surrounding community. Inspired by the majestic Borobudur temple, Amanjiwo presents Rupadhatu, a new art exhibition running from 3 July – 3 September 2021. Rupadhatu is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning “form realm’ and describes a world above planet earth. Throughout the exhibition, guests are invited to enter different worlds through the stunning art on display at Amanjiwo.

The Borobudur temple symbolizes the three levels of human life, where one of the levels is Rupadhatu, a transitional realm where individuals are fed from the troubles of daily life. The Rupadhatu level sits in the middle of the monument and contains 1,212 decorative symbolic and 1,300 story reliefs. This level symbolizes the realm between the lower and the upper realms.

In curating the exhibition, Amanjiwo has collaborated with renowned artists Wawan Geni and Yasumi Ishii to showcase the concept of Rupadhatu. The artists’ interpretation has been further influenced by the current pandemic to create a new emotion in the meaning of life, and awareness of the existence of numerous worlds in this lifetime.

Wawan Geni

Wawan Geni is one of the renowned painters in Indonesia and his unique works have received global media attention. Using burnt cigarettes and insect repellent as his medium, Geni has produced various beautiful paintings, with Javanese culture a source of inspiration – from rural life to the majestic Borobudur temple, and surrounding landscapes. The works of Wawan Geni express warm nuances with earthy colours that bring a sense of nostalgia.

Yasumi Ishii

Born in Japan, Yasumi Ishii has resided in Indonesia for 26 years. Living close to the Borobudur temple, Ishii takes her inspiration from her multicultural background.

The cultural process she has experienced throughout her life is expressed through her use of traditional Japanese and Indonesian objects and colours. Yasumi’s broad perspective allows her to understand the customs and rituals of the two worlds. Like the yin and yang, Ishii’s concept of life has two opposing elements, yet they come together to build one another.

The Rupadhatu Art Exhibition at Amanjiwo is open for both guests and non-residents daily.

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