Spa & Wellness at Mandapa by Ritz Carlton Ubud, Bali

Mandapa Spa & Wellness will allow guests to continue to discover peace of mind and body through holistic, comprehensive wellness and lifestyle programs based on six pillars – Balinese Spa, Detox & Nutrition, Alternative Therapy, Body Therapy, and Healing. Balinese culture in particular fuses the use of these tried and tested herbal remedies with a strongly rooted connection to traditional healing therapies. Ubud is famed globally for practitioners, known as ‘Balians’, who work with Divine Energy to deliver these customs and techniques, promoting well-being for the physical and energetic body that have been used for Centuries, and continue to be relevant and thrive today in our modern World. The program entails five different treatments that covers energy work, body work and mind work. It is offering the extraordinary traditional Balinese healing therapies performed by the native healer, renowned massage therapist and Yoga Guru for the ultimate healing and relaxing journey.

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Also, Ubud offers a unique setting where visitors can escape the world and discover the peace within. The Ayung River offers a point of meditation, where the sound of flowing water lulls guests into a state of relaxation. Based on the practice of treating the body to harmonize the soul, 8 treatment rooms (4 for couple) with a range of ESPA and local products are provided for sophisticated Balinese massage and skincare treatments. To create a truly holistic experience, Mandapa offers:
Yoga Features & Fitness Centre

Areas created to complement your treatment experience, these facilities are catered specifically to male or female guests, including state-of-the-art gymnasium, yoga studio and relaxation areas.


Vitality Pool &Heat Experiences

Overlooking the Ayung River, the open air vitality pool with air and water massage jets is available. Heat experiences consisting of Sauna, Steam Room, Ice Fountain and Experience Showers are available for male and female guests separately. Good place to relax and prepare mind and body prior to treatment.

Treatment Rooms & Relaxation Rooms

Our Team guide you to the most appropriate combination to create your treatment experience and achieve maximum benefits. Upgrade your treatment experience and enjoy your Spa treatment together in our couples’ treatment room. Please ask reservations when making your Spa booking.

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Mandapa Wellness

Comprehensive wellness and lifestyle programs are based on 6 pillars (Balinese Spa, Detox, Nutrition, Alternative Therapy, Body Therapy and Healing). Besides, a combination of regular classes from locally-based therapists and additional weekend workshops from global experts are offered to our guests.

Sample regular classes will be conducted by specialized therapists locally based here in Ubud: Yoga for her & kids, Couple massage classes, Art therapy, Juice workshop, evening astrology, Reserve Bird Walk, Jungle Gym circuit training, Guided jogging, Tasty vegan home cooking class.

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