30 Years with Bali Hai Cruises

For nearly 30 year Bali Hai Cruises have provided unforgettable holiday moments on the open seas around Bali, operating exciting day cruises to Lembongan Island with fun-filled activities for the whole family. Travellers with an adventurous spirit choose from a range of experiences: a sunset dinner cruise; dolphin encounter south coast Bali cruise; the Lembongan Island reef cruise on board a floating pontoon facility complete with 35-metre waterslide, inclusive watersport activities, meals and more; or the Lembongan Island Beach Club cruise on board a luxurious motor catamaran or yacht to reach the unspoilt tropical charms of the Bali Hai Beachfront Club.

Established in 1990, Bali Hai Cruises provides a wide variety of tourism experiences from Benoa Harbour. These include day cruises to a water activities pontoon off Nusa Lembongan, day sailing trips, ‘Ocean Rafting’ trips on high-speed rigid inflatables, and evening dinner cruises. The company also operates the Hai Tide Beach Resort.

Bali Hai Cruises have shown guests selective destinations as Nusa Penida and the surrounding sister islands, from a unique perspective. You will get to see all the photographic marvels such as the cliffs Beach, but balance out the above ground sightseeing with some incredible underwater adventures too – with snorkelling and swimming. The trip is then topped off with a tropical pit stop at Bali Hai’s Beach Resort, in the tranquil Mushroom Bay of Nusa Lembongan.

Bali Hai Lembongan Reef Cruise

Lembongan Reef Cruise comprises of both snorkeling and diving. Therefore, if you are keen on exploring the marine life, this package is perfect for you. First of all, it offers activities where you can set your eyes on the breathtaking underwater vista. Besides, there are more thrilling activities to try. Get the fun by trying the unlimited banana boat and 35m waterslide! What’s more is you’ll have the chance to explore the local village too. Isn’t that a very nice offer? If so, make sure you join it.

Bali Hai Beach Club Day Cruise

While you might go in groups of adults, some travel with children. If so, Lembongan Beach Club is an even better option. Besides snorkeling, you enjoy the beach/pool games and the children’s club. In addition, children will love getting wet. Thus, they’ll smile from ear to ear to try banana boating and sea kayaking. Yet, adults won’t get less than what children get. Same excitements are for adults to have as well. Indeed, it is an all-in-one package. Most of all, every guests in all ages will adore this cruise. But, more fun awaits you and the kids in the island tour. There, you’ll see the beauty of Nusa Lembongan.

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