Spectacular Moramo Waterfall, Sulawesi

Sulawesi (known also Celebes) is one of largest islands in Indonesia archipelago. The islands are not only famous for their high land and marine biodiversity, but also for their beautiful landscape including a number of scenic waterfalls like.

 Moramo Waterfall 2

No other in Indonesia is quite like the Moramo Waterfall. It traverses a 2km plateau, with 127 separate terraced plumes, the top of the waterfall some 100 meters above its basin pool. There are seven main terraces, each with its own natural bathing pool. Surrounded by lush jungle, this is the perfect. Place for those who love nature at its most sublime. Only 65 km east of Kendari, Moramo Waterfalls is easily accessible by car, or by crossing Moramo Bay by boat, and enjoying panoramic views of the sea.

The waterfall is located deep inside the unspoiled Tanjung Peropa National Park, a protected nature reserve in Konawe district, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is situated around seventy kilometers to the south of Kendari, the province’s capital city. The access road is winding. Once you get inside the park, just forget your cell phone as no cellular signal is available. From the parking lot, visitors must hike a two kilometers distance to reach the waterfall. The journey is tiresome indeed but the waterfall is really worth the visit. The water descends series of dark marble and forms a scenic seven levels cascade fall. The marbles radiate brilliant bluish green colors when they are touched by sunlight.

 Moramo Waterfall 3

The height of the waterfall is around 100 meters. Local folklore says that the waterfall is the bathing place of the goddesses. TheTanjung Peropa Park and the Moramo Waterfall are popular tourist destination in the province.  Besides the waterfall, visitors can also do some bird-watching as the park is also home to various species of birds and butterflies.  The region had also been known as one of the largest marble producers in the world.

There you can see one of the most amazing natural charms; when the sunlight reflected from the marble stones that emit light which is dominated rainbow color bluish green light that seemed to dance between the foaming water. In the area of this waterfall, there is a natural richness of natural stone in the form of a very large marble and is one of the sources of the world’s largest marble reserves.

 Moramo Waterfall 4

With a total area of 38.937 hectares, the  Moramo Waterfall is surrounded by the splendors of lush green sceneries accompanied by  the soothing sounds of chirping birds and other harmonic music of nature. Here, you can also see some fascinating creatures such as butterflies, black monkeys, anoa, different kinds of birds, and more.

The waterfall has its source in the Biskori River stream that flows down from the Tambolosu mountain range. The stream from the Biskori River is also used by locals to irrigate farms and plantantions as well as for other needs. The people who inhabit the area are mostly migrants from Java and Bali island who took part in the “transmigration” project and were re-allocated to South East Sulawesi.

Moramo Waterfall was first discovered by “transmigrants” from Java somewhere in 1980. Connecting roads were not built until 1989, and in 1990, the waterfall was officially opened as a tourist destination.

The Tanjung Peropa Nature Reserve itself is considered to have the largest marble (onyx) deposit in the world. It is estimated that there are over 860 billion cubic meters of marble in the area, making it the largest marble reserve in Indonesia.

 Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara


The Moramo Watefall is situated approximately 45km,  or about an hour and a half drive south from Kendari. The only way to reach this area is by rented car, since there are no public transportation serving the route and the road is relatively not in very good condition. Stepping out of your car, you still need to walk about 2 km after passing the main entrance. But you do not need to worry, since you will be provided with a conveniently paved footpath and presented with the beauty of the tropical forests.

Your trip will also include some wooden bridges and stone stairs which will make your adventure a bit more dynamic. Your fatigue will truly pay off once you hear the roaring sounds of water and the magnificent Marimo Waterfall come into view.

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