Stand-Up Paddling Adventure in Bali

Indonesia seems to be on everyone’s bucket list, but Bali is the real steal of the Indonesian islands. Julia Roberts may have found herself in the lush vegetation and numerous temples of Bali in the movie Eat, Pray, Love, but Bali also has a lot to offer those that prefer to find themselves on the water. Simply spend a day away from the temples on the water. Calm waters and few people greet those that venture to beaches in the north.

Stand Up Paddle surfing in Bali, oftentimes referred to as ‘SUP’, or simply ‘paddle boarding’, is a fun way to ride the waves. The best thing about it is that you don’t need to ‘catch’ a wave as you would in regular surfing, or go through the hassle of hand paddling and waiting up in line for the perfect swell. Specially designed boards allow you to stand upright firmly due to their larger size, while a long paddle allows you to cruise along at your own desired speed, even over swells.

Although stand up paddle surfing can be traced back to ancient Polynesian times, the sport is relatively new in Bali. In 2007 an Italian water sports enthusiast named Jankie opened the first SUP school in Sanur, and now you can try the sport pretty much anywhere around the island where there are gentle waves. To learn the ropes and rent your own boards and paddles for the day, head to the original Bali Stand Up Paddle School located just steps from the water.

SUP surfers will find a welcoming and established community of SUPpers where they can easily rent a board and take to the seas. The best part about this SUP dream destination is its equatorial climate, which makes SUP surfing possible all year long. From April to October Bali is rain-free and swarmed with tourists, but also the best big west coast waves. The rainy season brings smaller waves to the west, but that might be a good time for beginners and intermediates or those just trying to get away from the crowds. The wet season is also a good time to check out the east coast, where the change in climate also brings some better waves to that side.

In this exciting stand-up paddle adventure you will paddle around the lake with our professional SUP guides. The water is clear and calm with beautiful mountains as backdrop view that will make you want to stay here! Everyone can stand up and paddle, and we will teach you the basics so that you can do so yourself within few minutes.

On the southeastern side of Bali lies one of Bali’s best SUP spots, Sanur. Most of Bali’s surf and SUP schools are located there as well, so it’s a good place for beginners to take their first ride. Heading out of the coral reefs at sunrise is sure to lead to windless skies and spectacular reflections of pastel hues. To find some waves, head to Sindu Beach and paddle past the reef to ride the low cresting reef-break back in. Bali’s southern tip culminates in a teardrop peninsula offers different type of setting for paddle boarding. You can also make your way to the small islands on the eastern side of Bali, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida.

With such beauty and opportunity, it’s no wonder Bali’s breaks entice hundreds of SUP surfers every year. Use your paddle board and the waves as a compass to explore the incredible and varied wonders of ancient architecture, sunken statues, and typical tiered rice fields on this piece of paradise.

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