Subwing Underwater Exploration, Gili Islands

For those with the bold and venturesome spirit, this one day Gili Subwing experience is the activity that will satisfy your craving for adventure.


The Subwing is the latest addition to the list of underwater exploration activities, and probably the most exciting one as well! Enjoy the sensation of flying as you effortlessly glide through the majestic aquatic lives of the Gilis. Expect yourself to witness the countless colourful fishes and corals, and be greeted by the wisest underwater residence – the turtles.

Don’t forget to bring your underwater camera or GoPro. With the guidance of friendly instructors, you will pick up the required skills in no time! This activity is unique, exciting and breathtaking, an underwater activity that you cannot miss if you are traveling to the Gilis islands.


Subwing is an alternative to snorkelling where you are pulled through the water by a boat. You hold on to plastic wings, which you manoeuvre in the direction you want to move (ie deeper, rise up for breath, left, right or even do loops).

As the boat is pulling you, you don’t need to swim, just manipulate the plastic boards in the direction you want to go. You use a lot less energy then snorkelling, enabling you to hold your breath longer to go deeper then you normally would.

The subwing guys are based both on Gili Trawangan and Gili Air and offer 2 trips of 25 minutes each around the Gili islands. This will probably be the best thing you try on the entire Gili islands. You will feel like you are flying in the water.

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