Sukamade Green Turtle Conservation, East Java

This beautiful beach located in Pesanggaran subdistrict is one of Indonesia’s most important turtle spawning grounds. Five species of sea turtle come ashore regularly to lay their eggs on these sands. Located on the southern coast, this beach is called Sukamade Turtle beach, a good place for relaxing and enjoying the sunset. Sukamade Beach is a part of Meru Betiri National Park. The park that has been set in colonial era as one of wildlife reserved in east java is worth to visit during your vacation in Indonesia.

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Sukamade Tour is an adventurous four to six hours drive through local villages, rubber, coffee and cocoa plantations, and a small jungle-tour. It is a scenic journey to Sukamade. On the way heading to Sukamade, you will pass the exotic Green Bay. There you will spend the night in the plantations guesthouse. About 8 pm till 11.30 pm you’ll be picked up to watching turtles coming-up from the sea crawling to the beach seeking for a nice place to lay their eggs. The peak season for green turtle (mostly found laying their eggs on Sukamade Beach) is on wet season but usually can be found on entire year.

In Sukamade, there’s also the location of the turtle egg hatchery, and all turtles that are successfully hatched are released back into the sea. It is not guaranteed that we will find the sea turtle laying their eggs on this trip.

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Sukamade beach is about 97 km to southwest of Banyuwangi. It is a natural, quiet, beautiful beach and part of the 50,000 hectare Meru Betiri National Park. Almost every night of the year, turtles appear on Sukamade beach to lay eggs. The site is protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by local park rangers. Some eggs are taken by the rangers to protect them from predators, both human and other animals. They are incubated safely at the park hatchery till they reached sufficient age to be released to the ocean. Among the vast coastal area of the national park, Sukamade is the turtle’s favourite to hatch their eggs. Witnessing these giant creatures emerges from the surf and struggle-up the beach to lay their eggs on a moonlit evening is a unique experience.

Sukamade can be approached from Banyuwangi to the northwest or from Jember to the north-east.

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This journey requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle or large truck for the last 50 km. Hiring a driver or guide in Banyuwangi is certainly recommended. The access is rather off the beaten track as visitors will pass by several rivers need. An alternative accessibility is from the village of Kalibaru, 60 km east of Jember.

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