Telunas Private Island Resort, Batam

Cross the shores of Southeast Asia island getaways are a dime a dozen, but few compare to the warm hospitality of Telunas Resorts. Located on the Riau Archipelago of Indonesia and accessible only by boat, the privately-owned resorts are the epitome of an island sanctuary. Both properties—the flagship, family-friendly Telunas Beach Resort and the luxurious Telunas Private Island Resort—adopt a Wi-Fi-free, technology-free, back-to-basics philosophy, allowing visitors to connect to each other and the surrounding natural beauty organically. But more than just a refuge from the beeps and buzzes of 21st-century life, Telunas Resorts is driven by their social impact, maintaining that their version of tourism not only places travelers’ comfort at the forefront but also the well-being of the local community.

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All 15 villas on the property are built over the water and easily accommodate a family of five with a king-size bed and a children’s loft. Furnished with upcycled wooden boats, guestrooms also feature a sitting room and a private balcony that offers stunning views of Sugi Island. Although modern sanitation is definitely here, you’re best to adopt a Robinson Crusoe mindset and dispense with the idea of having other first world conveniences like air-conditioning, wifi, and connectivity.

Which also means the fun for little ones here doesn’t include pushing a start button on a TV (hide the iPad to truly give them a digital detox!). Instead, they’ll get to build sandcastles, go fishing, try stand-up paddling, and take out a kayak. Parents can indulge in a variety of spa and massage treatments – just take up a restful position on your verandah and the in-house masseuse will put you in a blessed-out state.

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Guests who enjoy the Telunas experience can rest easy knowing that their stay is just as meaningful to the local community as it is for them. Whenever possible staff is hired locally, drawing on the strengths and abilities of the locals to add to the heartfelt, relational hospitality. As a trusted member of the community, the resorts have also worked with locals to create responsible tours that are not only fascinating to guests but contribute to the livelihood of the surrounding villages.  In addition, Telunas Resorts also facilitates social impact projects for schools and other philanthropic groups that have averaged over 12,000 community development hours annually for the past two years.

With its breathtaking beauty, holistic philosophy, and simple accessibility for busy Singaporean urbanites, Telunas Resorts has developed a distinctive niche in the hospitality market that is difficult to emulate.  By the time guests leave the resort, they feel less like visitors and more like the extended family of the community. Though just 50 kilometers away from the concrete jungle of Singapore, the resorts have all the offerings that allow guests to truly “simplify, clarify, and connect.”

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For a more economical option, head to the private island’s sister property, Telunas Beach Resort on Sugi Island. Built with large groups and families in mind, there are three reasonably priced room options available. Even if you’re staying on the neighboring private island, you can still hop on over here to frolic on the sandy white beach and take part in jetty jumping at the resort (yes, that’s as much fun as it sounds). There are shuttles that run every hour between the two islands so you get the best of both worlds!

How to get there:

Located about three hours from Singapore in Indonesia’s Riau Islands, the newly open Telunas Private Island combines the sun, sand, and sea with all-inclusive resort comforts and no airport time, which makes it a great getaway for families wanting to escape bustling city life here on our own island.

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