Charter your own Private Jet to discover Indonesia

There is only a small percentage of people on the planet that have ever flown in a private jet. These people usually are wealthy because of sport, business, or inheritance and have the extra money to splash out on something a little more luxurious. But does it have to be for the top earners these days? There are arguments that say flying privately could have its benefits for the average earner. There is, of course, a huge difference between flying commercial and private and that’s what we will have a look at here.

Private air travel offers unmatched comfort, privacy, and convenience with the benefits of no security screenings, no crowded commercial flights, no lost luggage, and fewer flight delays.

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Hop on a private jet to your desired destinations in Indonesia and you’ll experience one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world. The archipelago offers wide selections outstanding surf beaches, pristine jungle, historical sites, five-star hotels to boutique guesthouses, and superb local cuisine.

With over 17,000 islands spanning over 3,000 miles, companies need an efficient mode of transportation to shuttle employees between their headquarters and the locations of the mines, for example.  A charter flight is a good idea for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time and prefer to travel in style and comfort.

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Jet from one destination to the next featuring a dedicated flight crew. Finish each day in accommodations chosen for your comfort, hospitality and true local character on a journey that combines luxury, authenticity and expertise.

All you have to do is get in touch and let us know your needs, and leave the rest to our professional customer service team.

Jet Size

Range (nm)


Speed (mph)

Very Light Jets (VLJ) 1,200-1,300 2-4 380 – 415
Light Jets 1,020-2,890 6-7 355 – 566
Midsize Jets 1,160-4,200 7-8 419 – 545
Super Midsize Jets 2,820-4,200 8-10 431 – 545
Large Jets 4,330-6,000 10-16 424 – 595
VIP Airliner 4,600-7,480 16-60 469 – 561
Turboprop Airliners 700-3,302 19-39 181 – 440
Helicopters 250-660 3-8 96 – 190
Turboprop Aircraft 850-1,720 5-8 169-370

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 Both in the air and on the ground, our team delivers a fully customized around-the-world journey where you’ll explore new passions, flavours and perspectives. Wherever you go, experience the authentic flavor or life as it is really lived. Ready for a bespoke adventure?

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