The Biak Munara Festival , Biak island – Papua

A unique and most attractive festival that promises to place the spotlight on the island of Biak, located in the northern part of Papua : the Biak Munara Wampasi  (BMW) Fesival  will take place from  1-4th July 2015 in the village Mnurwar, in the subdistrict of Oridek, in the District  Biak Numfor. This enthralling festival will include a Traditional Festival of traditional activities that can be participated by all onlookers, among which is the fish catch following the local traditional ways, known here as snap mor. There will also be diving and underwater photographic competitions, a Padaido Island Tour, Biak Exotic Tour, the apen bayeren ritual walking on burning charcoal and an exhibition of Papua’s famous exotic orchids and handicrafts.

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Donot miss to watch Snap mor, – fishing using traditional equipment along the length of 1 km with nets cast by the local Biak ethnic groups. For some time before this communal fish catch, villagers agree not to fish in the sea to allow the fish to spawn. Instead during this time villagers will plant fruit and vegetables where its harvest is served up during the snap more event.

On the eve of the event, locals cast out their nets so that the following morning at low tide (0.1 meters) plentiful fish will have been caught . These are then picked up using traditional tools, that include fish baskets, pincers and others. The fish is then barbequed by the community over a large open fire and cooked together with roots and vegetables  that were harvested earlier.


The Apen beyeren is another highlight of the Biak Munara Wampasi Festival. This is a traditional ritual where locals walk on burning charcoal at a heat of 3600.  This ritual also features the so called wor,  a dance from local tribes. The ritual of Apen beyeren can be seen in the gardens of the Biak Cendrawasih Museum  on Saturday, 4 July 2015 and there is no entrance fee.

For Diving and snorkeling opportunities, local operators have prepared the necessary equipment at a number of  fascinating spot diving  locations such as at the Catalina Wreck, the Wundi Cave, and the Rasi Wreck.

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Biak Numfor  is the largest island in the chain of islands located north of the island of Papua and belong to the outermost islands of Indonesia in the Pacific Ocean. Besides remnants of World War II, Biak Numfor is blessed with an abundance of underwater life.  Here is located an area for marine culture covering no less than 9.9 million hectares and for coastal culture covering 42,000 hectares. This region produces 1.5 million tons of fish per year with coastal ponds producing 1.6 million tons per year.

The Biak archipelago, covered by thick rainforests hide a large number of endemic bird species and a wide variety of flowers, trees , vegetations and mangrove forests.  Here you will also find a number of appealing beaches such as the Barito Beach, Parai Beach and Bosnik Beach. Biak is easily reached from many cities in Indonesia through its Frans Kasiepo international airport.  Biak is served by Garuda Indonesia and Sriwijaya airlines. There are a number of hotels in the city of Biak where you can spend up to a week criss-crossing the island and surrounding attractions.

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