The Gunawarman Hotel, Jakarta

Centered in the business district of Jakarta, The Gunawarman and its classic European facade is a breath of fresh air to Indonesia’s Residential Industry. The details reflect a holistic approach to the guest experience, combining artisan knowledge with traditional construction techniques and following incredible designs made to suit modern day living.

The rooms at the hotel are attractive, with slightly different themes on each floor.  The hotel contains a plush private club in the basement called Csaba for in-house guests and members, the perfect place for a tipple and a cigar far away from the crowded streets above.

Each of their 35 rooms and suites are appointed with customized furnishing meticulously inspected throughout the process to meet their renowned standards of excellence; making The Gunawarman only luxury residence in Indonesia crafted by leading Artisan. The Gunawarman and its classic timeless design suit to modern day living, a little escapade and a second home to all guests.

The Gunawarman is not perfect or without flaws. Jakarta is not a destination that will soon replace Bangkok or Bali for frequent Southeast Asian visits. But, should you find yourself in Jakarta for work or otherwise, you should get out and look around beyond the confines of the five-star hotel brands and the air-conditioned shopping malls. There are sights (and sites) to be seen, food to be eaten and, at the Gunawarman, a feeling of sophistication and quality all at quite a reasonable price. It might just be worth a trip of its own.

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