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Bali tours to some of the island’s farms are a perfect excursion for the whole family. Get close to nature, discover exotic produce and learn about the local culture. Going on a farm tour in Bali is not just a fun way to learn about eco-tourism on the island, you are also helping local farmers!

organic farm bali

The Organic Farm Bali is owned and managed by entrepreneur Marjan van Ravenzwaaij. According to Marjan, she dropped her Amsterdam-based business 17 years ago and when visiting Bali and falling in love with the island and its people decided to build her “bucket list, villa on the beach” in Pantai Seseh.

When visiting the farmland her gardener bought in the mountains. She completely fell in love with the stunning views and decided to make it her mission to help improving the lives of the farmers in this harsh environment and remote area. Apart from working with local farmers, Marjan promotes eco-tourism in Bali. Her farm is a producer of organically raised Western and Indonesian fresh fruits and vegetables.

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The Organic Farm Bali offers several types of farm tour packages:

  • The Village and Rice field day tour
  • The Seeds of Love day tour
  • The 1 day Farm
  • 1-day Surf tour package
  • Cooking classes

All of these tours are suitable for families and friends! Would you like to be part of a traditional farmer life for a couple of days? It’s possible to stay in a farmer’s home stay.

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