The untouchable Bair Island, Moluccas

Bair Island in Maluku hardly rings a bell for most vacationers. As part of Kei Islands, it offers beautiful scenery comparable to Raja Ampat in West Papua.  Bair Island is still untouched. Travelers can still visit the island without paying an entrance fee. All they need to do is rent a longboat from Dullah or Watdek Ports. The journey takes around an hour. Once the boat enters the bay, travelers will see picturesque views of turquoise sea surrounded by hills.

Behind the pier, travelers can find a blue lagoon. Here, sea lovers can go swimming or snorkeling. Those brave enough can jump into a lagoon from a 20-meter cliff. Alternatively, visitors can also go hiking. However, the activity can be a tad challenging as there are no facilities, such as stairs.

Bair Island is a unique island with typical of tropical island. It is a small island with million charms. One of the uniqueness is coming from the two bays with crystal clear water and calm sea, mangrove vegetation and rock cliffs. At first glance, Bair Island is similar to Raja Ampat Papua but on a small scale. Bair Island is also a home for baby shark types Blackpit.

After passing several islands in Dullah Laut Village we will arrive at Bair Island and will be immediately treated by the rock cliffs that surrounding Bair Island and if we are lucky we will be able to see baby shark blackpit. After arriving in Bair Island bay we will be served by the majestic of high cliffs and some rocky cliff in the middle of the bay. When the sea is receded we will find some beaches that can be visited because it is not covered by sea water.

Since there are no tourist facilities on Bair Island, travelers are recommended to prepare their own food and beverages prior to visiting.

How to get there

The quickest and easiest way to reach the Islands from Jakarta or other city hub is by air. From the Pattimura Airport in Ambon, visitors will need to take another plane for a one-and-a-half-hour flight to the Karel Satsuitubun Airport in Langgur, the capital of Southeast Maluku. This airport has replaced Dumatubun in Tual, which is now an Air Force base. From Langgur, the wonders of this east Indonesian island group can be further explored. In fact, Southeast Maluku offers numerous charms in more remote locations.

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