Plataran Phinisi, Indonesia

Plataran Private Cruises are renowned within domestic and international celebrity circles, alike, for its private, intimate and unforgettable sailing and “live aboard” experience. Having started with a small fleet of vessels with only 1 base in Labuan Bajo, Komodo, Plataran Private Cruises have, in just a few years, rapidly expanded its operations and now boast a total of 8 luxury vessels consisting of 4 wooden phinisis and 4 yachts which provide a range of cruise selections to various exotic destinations within Indonesia. To better service their guests, Plataran Private Cruises are now based in various locations – including in Plataran Waecicu Beach at Labuan Bajo, Plataran Menjangan at Menjangan West Bali National Park and Plataran Mutiara Deck at Pantai Mutiara Jakarta – each of which is equipped with its own private jetty to provide utmost convenience and private experience to our guests.


Their private cruises sail to Indonesia’s most spectacular diving and snorkeling locations, including the Komodo Sea, Greater Nusa Tenggara Timur, Menjangan Island and the Bali Straits, and the Thousand Islands at Jakarta Bay. Under the helm of a very competent staff, Plataran Private Cruises are widely reputed within the cruise market for its warm, personal, intimate and professional handling of the crew, as well as its clean, reliable and safe fleet.


Overnighting on board is an adventurous way to enjoy a more complete experience in the area, however facilities are extremely simple and you should speak to your specialist to ensure you are comfortable with this. All meals are included and cooked on board – this will be very simple local fare such as nasi goreng (fried rice and vegetables) and due to the lack of facilities (i.e. no fridge) we suggest you exercise caution with what you eat. Your crew will only speak basic English at best so having a Lonely Planet or similar with a few words of Bahasa Indonesia will certainly help. As a final word of caution, the currents around the archipelago are notoriously strong, so please only snorkel in areas your crew suggest, and stay close to the boat or land.


Come aboard Plataran Private Cruises with its luxury cabins, full kitchen facilities and supporting services and activities and brace yourselves for a warm pampering from our able and experienced crews and a truly unforgettable sailing and “live aboard” experience to the best diving, snorkeling and tourism spots in Indonesia.

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